Thursday, 5 May 2016

Minutes for Wilson were helpful

We are starting to see a lot more game time for Callum Wilson. Callum has now registered as much as 79 minutes in a game since his return from injury and, while some fans have been asking for him to be held back, it is important that Callum feels that he is 100 per cent and playing or else he will always be thinking back to before his injury rather than looking forward.
Callum is eager to score now.
The team also needs positivity at this stage. It has been a long season and it has taken its toll on many of the players. They know there is little time left to play and so it is natural that a player like Callum that has not had much of a season wants to play every minute now.

His thoughts are not about worrying if he will get injured but about scoring goals for AFCB. While he has not found the net since his return he is showing the pace and quickness of thought to help the team in the last third and he will feel that it is only a matter of time before he gets that all important next goal. To do that, he has to be on the pitch and this is why Eddie is giving him as much time as he can.

I think Callum has also a bit of a symbol to the side that they have a top class striker who they know can finish in a flash if they can just find him. It is reassuring to them just like it was when Max Gradel made his return. 

For Callum too there is a need to just feel that he is contributing and in his post-match interview with BBC reporter Kris Temple there was an element of him knowing that he might have made more of some opportunities. His assist for Marc Pugh though is another sign that he is getting back to his best and is adding minutes to his game. The mix up over who was coming off with Josh King suddenly having to come off was maybe a positive for Callum as his sharpness will improve as his confidence returns with his time on the pitch.

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