Monday, 30 May 2016

It's a shame that Ritchie misses out on Euros

I doubt Eddie Howe will be too concerned that Matt Ritchie has missed out with Scotland in reaching the Euros this summer. The hard working winger though will know that he doesn't get many opportunities to play in large international competitions during a career and he'll have to watch on as a couple of fellow team mates do sample the atmosphere and big stages in France.
Matt will miss out on the Euros but that could be good news for AFCB.
It has been a mad end to the season for Ritchie having just become a father and with his player of the year for Scotland celebrations rather hampered by the Old Trafford fiasco. He will have lots to do at home with his growing family, but Ritchie is a player that lives on fitness as we have recently heard in his interview with the Scotsman and his fondness for Paulo Di Canio's teachings.

Working hard can take you a long way and Matt has shown that he has the skill to be a top Premier League player. I'm hoping he wants to keep doing that at AFCB and by missing out on the Euros he probably won't have quite the platform he would have had this summer if Scotland had made it to France. He would have been a great player to watch at the competition for us AFCB fans and no doubt several scouts who are probably already tracking him. But there is certainly much more belief to what he is doing now whenever he puts on a football shirt, whether it be for AFCB or his national team. He is getting more consistent, and if he can keep adding goals and assists he will help his teams achieve even more.

Having played in 42 AFCB matches this season he may not have run as many miles as he did last season in the Championship and the extra rest of not having competitive matches this summer could be a real bonus for the Cherries next season. A fresh Matt Ritchie who has raised his level is something that Eddie Howe will be looking forward to come August.

Matt was involved for 90 minutes in Scotland's 0-1 defeat to Italy in Malta last night so he is still churning out the miles on the pitch.

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