Monday, 16 May 2016

Last day disappointment for travelling Cherries' fans

AFCB fans vented their frustration when the final game of the season with Man Utd was abandoned at Old Trafford because of a suspicious package that was dealt with by the police. AFCB fans took to social media not because of the fact that the match did not take place but because they were kept in for a long amount of time.
The game that never was. AFCB official image.
Some fans praised the police for acting quickly while others said the security was not that thorough although sniffer dogs were brought in. Social media also reported it was chaos outside the ground, but some 3000 AFCB fans had to deal with not only seeing that they had a wasted journey, but that they could not get away and out of the ground quickly either.

Security is of course a major concern at public events and while the Premier League has been relatively unscathed, in recent times we have seen attacks in Paris at the Parc de Princes and the level of threat on the mainland in the UK had risen only last week.

AFCB fans will have some consolation in that next season they will be able to go to Old Traford and this time it will only cost them a maximum of £30 to see the game. But it was a massive disappointment yesterday and not the way anyone wants to see the season end. Safety must come first though, even if it turned out to be a fake device that was actually a training device the had been left behind by accident. Hopefully we can get back to talking about football on Tuesday night.

AFCB are offering free travel to the game, subject to availability, for supporters with valid a match ticket. Refunds can also be arranged now.

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