Friday, 28 September 2018

Conceding goals one after another

There is a pattern that has started to develop that is very worrying when Bournemouth concede a goal. It has just taken a couple of minutes after conceding in both the Leicester and Burnley games, and now against Blackburn Rovers. The Cherries seem hell bent on let another goal in just minutes after conceding their first goal.
Bournemouth's four goal shower at Burnley stripped
away much of the shine from the goal's against column.
There seems to be a problem in concentration when the Cherries have been breached and it really shouldn't be something that happens on a regular basis. While six goals have been scored past Begovic in the last two league games, AFCB can't say that they have been defending well. What is disappointing is the response from the players once they have seen a goal go in against them. We are used to seeing a stiff fight back and a will to get back and hurt the opposition with so many comebacks in the last year.

Has the fight gone out of the Cherries when they don't score first? The first goal in games has never been so important for this team it would seem. With a goal in the bag and the crowd behind them, Bournemouth fly. But when things don't start as well, Bournemouth have struggled. They did find a way to get back against Everton at home after a poor start, but against Burnley they failed to find the quality in the last third to get themselves back into the game.

When Bournemouth concede a goal we need to see more of the controlled possession and creative zeal to get them back into the game. Bournemouth had their moments to try and get back against Burnley, but the execution of the shooting was poor. But where Bournemouth lost the game against Burnley was in the three minutes of the first half when Burnley scored twice. Bournemouth can't continue to be so vulnerable, after they have just gone a goal behind.

Meanwhile, the Bournemouth Eco reports that Marc Pugh scored twice as the U21' beat a QPR side 9-0 at Canford Park Arena

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