Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Can Fraser get any better?

The Wee-man has done it again, hasn't he? We are running out of superlatives for him. Ryan just is hungrier and more eager to impress this season and he is getting rewards in the way of goals and assists. While I guessed (Ed-wrongly!!!) that Eddie Howe might rest the Scotsman after having a problem with his hamstring this last week, I was as glad as anyone to see Ryan Fraser take to the pitch, as he has been the player who has been bang in form for Bournemouth.
Ryan is out to smash his goal scoring record from last season.
Ryan Fraser isn't just playing well though, he is starting to rip teams apart. The analysis on Match of the Day which showed how Ryan has another gear, which he just clicks into when he sees a chance to hurt the opposition was revealing. Ryan does much of his good work off the ball, when he just finds space and runs into it at full pelt. Defenders can't keep up with him, and as we saw with Maguire, the wee-man is also strong enough to hold off the odd hand or shove, and when he gets ahead he is going to get a shot off.

Ryan himself pointed to the way he has learnt a lot from other players. His shooting has been a concern to him and he came back from missing a great chance against Chelsea with a polished performance against Leicester. His second goal was not as picturesque as his first strike, but he played the percentage game, knowing from experience and advice from goalkeepers that shooting at the feet is a high success rate for goals.

It's working on these small details that are making Fraser a better and better player. His appetite to learn is something I'm sure Howe wishes he could bottle and give to other players. But Fraser's game should rub off on David Brooks and Jordan Ibe and in this way the whole team benefits from such improvements. I don't think there is a level to which Fraser will get and not improve. If he keeps on watching videos of Eden Hazard, Bournemouth will soon have their own European great midfielder.

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