Saturday, 29 September 2018

Do AFCB need to get to a cup semi-final or final?

Bournemouth have been in the Premier League for a forth season now and just being in that league is not perhaps the pinnacle that we all thought getting their might be. It is fantastic that AFCB are in the top division, after so many years of being in the wilderness, but what would a cup semi-final or final do to the club?
Domestic cup success would take the club to another level.
I can't imagine what a thrill it would be. It would be epic to go to Wembley in the latter stages of a cup competition and for Eddie Howe to win some more silverware to go with the Championship trophy. But there would be a potential downside of success making it harder to keep the team together, and European football could just come too early. But Howe would be sensible enough to know that the club would just have to deal with whatever comes with success, because he and the club have been doing that year after year already.

Making that next step is a big leap. But Bournemouth have the players to beat any team in the country on their day and making it to the last two rounds of a cup competition should not seem daunting anymore. Now that AFCB are through to the fourth round of the Carabao Cup they only need a couple of good rounds to be in the a real position of making it to the last few teams again. It could happen this season, and I think the way the team played last season, against teams like Chelsea and Arsenal, is something that the players can draw upon in any semi-final or final. We have seen Southampton get to a final recently, so why can't the Cherries?

The club has been stable in the Premier League and it should be looking for new targets all the time. It may not mean much to some Premier League clubs to win the Carabao Cup, but I think for Bournemouth it would be a huge achievement and a sign that the club is still progressing. So I'm hoping for a couple of lucky home games to help Bournemouth get to their first semi-final in a domestic cup competition this season. It doesn't have to be seen as a negative when there are more important Premier League games to play, it might even be a platform to greater things.

Look out for the draw for the fourth round of the Carabao Cup today at 9pm on Freeview channel 37.

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