Sunday, 9 September 2018

It's great to see Junior Stanislas is back

Bournemouth have some great wingers at the club and competition for places has just got a whole lot tougher in that position with Junior Stanislas coming back from injury. If I have a favourite player, it is Junior Stanislas, and it's certainly not because we hardly get to see him, with his regular injuries, but just because he is probably one of the best finishers for AFCB. He always sets a high standard and wants to make a difference when he gets on the pitch and even though he is not as big and powerful as some players, he has a great knack of sticking the ball away in the back of the net.
Junior Stanislas at Dean Court before the WBA game last season.
I was listening intently to what Junior said about new players coming into the club. He has no fears about his own ability an being able to compete with anyone that comes in for his position and seems to really be excited by the addition of David Brooks to the squad. I find that really impressive and I think that it is that kind of attitude that helps players at the club improve their game. Bournemouth do it as well as any club. If you don't look to improve your game you won't find away into the team.

Stanislas also had quite a smile on his face when he talks about the wee-man as well, as Fraser has started the season so well. There is a bit of a hint of a challenge that has gone down and Stanislas like all the other players wants to play in as many games as he can. I'd like to have heard that Junior would also like to see this team go and win something now and perhaps he is not overly confident on such matters yet, but Bournemouth have started the season well and the cup competitions are something that we can start to get excited about.

Junior Stanislas might have to wait for his first game. I expect he is targeting to make an appearance in the Carabao Cup match against Blackburn Rovers. Whether he would start or come on as a substitute, I can't wait to see him shift through the gears again and see what he can do. Having signed a three-year contract again, I'm pleased that we should get to see quite a lot of Junior at AFCB in the coming seasons, when his game should reach its peak.

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