Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Lewis Cook won't continually be overlooked

It has been a quiet start to the season for Lewis Cook. He can't be that happy with the amount of playing time he has had, and his place in the team that looked so strong last season has come under more threat. While the team has been winning, Lewis has simply not been required to replace anyone, but now he may feel he has a slight chance to get himself in front of the manager, if he can have some good training performances in the next couple of weeks.

Lewis Cook must target the October games.
Lewis Cook has a game that is high on energy and very forward passing. He gets Bournemouth playing on the front foot which is why so many fans like his game when it is it song. He has to manage the risks he takes in going forward, but it's rare when Cook has a quiet game, and it is surprising that Howe has not used him more so far this season. The fixtures Bournemouth have in September could be seen as more mid-table teams and ensuring that Bournemouth have the majority of possession against these teams will be a key component of any potential wins you would expect.

If Lerma is going to be the main man, it is a fight for one spot between Gosling, Surman and Lewis Cook for the role alongside him. The persistent weakness of the central midfielders is that they don't score goals and this is where I think Lewis needs to impress to get his place back. Gosling and Surman can keep possession well and keep the ball recycling well, but if we are talking goals they are few and far between. Can Lewis Cook start to hit shots when he is around the box more frequently?

Lewis has to up his game to not only get Howe's attention, but to also restore his drive for an England team place. He won't be an England U21 player pick anymore and will want to see himself as a senior squad member. The arrival of Lerma has made that more difficult, but Howe is no doubt challenging Cook to offer more to get himself above Surman and Gosling. Lewis can take the challenge in one of two ways. He can accept that he is not first choice or he can drive himself to be the best player in the middle of the park - he has the talent. Howe knows he has the talent but he wants the competition to make the team stronger. It should be quite a battle for the central midfield starting places against Leicester City.

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  1. Howe had to start with the team that beat Marseilles, and there was no obvious reason to change a winning set-up.
    I only saw the Sky edited version of the Chelsea game, but thought Gosling looked sharp and effective despite high quality of opponents.
    Realistically, we look a little bit too dependent on Fraser in terms of creativity and creating chances. I am not surprised, but others will also have to contribute more in final third as season progresses.