Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Lerma is a powerhouse

While it has been hard to see Harry Arter playing for another team, there is no doubt in my mind that Bournemouth have the better deal with the arrival of Jefferson Lerma. He played with a great deal of control and energy against Leicester City. While he picked up a yellow card, I though he as more restrained than he was against Chelsea and did his best not to get a cheap booking.
Lerma is finding his feet at AFCB.
Where Lerma is exciting me is his fast recycling of the ball. He instinctively passes quickly and he is strong on the ball. It is a presence that Bournemouth have been lacking in midfield and I thought he particularly warmed to the game at Dean Court against Leicester. Whether he starts getting into good shooting positions next is what I'm looking out for. Bournemouth haven't had many powerful central midfield goal scorers, but I see that Lerma is getting more involved in attacks, and he has the power to hit drives from 25 yards out.

Lerma's addition to the team has been a quiet transformation. I don't think Eddie Howe wants him to change the way the team plays, but he does want Lerma to be strong in the tackle and to set moves going. Lerma does get close to the opposition, and against Leicester it forced them to go to Ghezzal and Chilwell in the wide areas, while they looked for the early ball to Vardy and Morrison rather than keeping the ball in central midfield for long. If Bournemouth can channel play more into the areas where they can make quick turnovers then it helps their game, and I see Lerma as a key element in Bournemouth's game plan to get hold of possession.

The balance of the midfield area looks fairly settled with Lerma and Dan Gosling. Once they can get a few more games together, we should see even more from Lerma as he'll pick up what Gosling is likely to do in more and more situations. He will start to anticipate more. For now though, Lerma has fitted in well and I'm looking forward to see what more there is to his game.

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