Thursday, 6 September 2018

Brooks is clearly proud of his Welsh roots

David Brooks has been in the headlines for choosing to play for Wales after having played for England in the Toulon tournament. If he feels more at home in representing Wales via his mother's place of birth then that should be respected, as Brooks himself says 'you have to make a decision for yourself'.
David Brooks has become a central voice in the nationality rows.
The matter is more high profile now not just because Brooks is in the Premier league, but because Declan Rice is thinking of reconsidering his choice of national team having played friendlies for the Republic of Ireland, and knowing he might be considered at some point in the future by England. I do feel that the international boundaries have been blurred too easily for players to switch between countries and it is a shame when players are pressured into appearing in a shirt they don't really feel affiliated with.

Hopefully, Brooks will never regret his decision and will play well for Wales. As long as the person is confident that they have made the right decision for themselves I don't think anyone can argue with that. If players were not allowed to qualify for any team of course other than where they were born it would stamp out any questions. But when people are born in foreign countries because of their parents place of work and not necessarily their home, I can see there is a need for some flexibility in the rules. Extending that as far a the grandparents is perhaps more tenuous, but that has been the reality for several sports, not just football.


All Brooks needs to do is concentrate on his football. What is England's loss is certainly Wales' gain in this particular player.

AFCB fans will also notice that Harry Arter has decided to keep himself out of the Republic of Ireland's squad after a so-called 'spat' with Roy Keane. It was not so long ago that AFCB were desperate to see their players get on the international stage. But such matters can just bring additional problems that don't help players play well, and if Arter has put his foot down not to play, then it must have been a big decision for him to make. He has a lot to take on at the moment just playing for Cardiff City, so I'm sure Neil Warnock won't be displeased with Arter's decision.

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