Friday, 28 September 2018

Can Ibe start to make a bigger impact?

I've been surprised that Jordan Ibe has not been getting more game time since the start of this season. He had a really good spell of games last year when he was never out of the team, and he started to add goals to his game. He has scored in the last two Carabao Cup games for the Cherries, but he is capable of pushing himself in the Premier League starting 11 and I expect him to come through strong at some stage of the season.
Ibe is getting on the score sheet but needs more to start games.
While he has a lot of competition for places, Ibe has now been at the club long enough to know that he has the ability to hold down a winger position when he has been playing well. He hasn't quite the experience of Stanislas, but he should be trying to keep his goal scoring at a high level in training if he wants to displace those that are ahead of him.

I think it is harder for a player like Ibe to be on the sidelines than for Marc Pugh who has seen it and done it all before. But Ibe knows that Brooks and Fraser are happy to take the shirt off of him. He has to find something within himself to give Howe a reason to be picked. Scoring in the Carabao Cup games is a good start. But we have seen Fraser take on extra duties like free kicks and corners and I'd imagine its that sort of desire that has propelled Fraser to becoming one of the first names on the team sheet.

The last couple of seasons have seen Ibe do well at beating his man and then not always find the past or making the right decision in and around the box. If he can start to do better in that area, I believe he can still be a big player for Bournemouth this season. Even getting 10 minutes as a substitute is not something that he has been getting in the Premier League, and if that hurts Jordan then he needs to start showing it in his football, because a more revved up Jordan Ibe may just be the making of him on the football pitch.

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