Thursday, 10 January 2019

£50m won't buy Chelsea Callum Wilson

The noise this week on the potential sale of Callum Wilson has been building, but the continual sound coming out of Dean Court is that Callum is not for sale. The latest talk of £50m for Wilson being dangled by Chelsea, according to the Daily Star might as well be £100m - the answer is still likely to be no deal. Why? Because Eddie Howe is under no pressure to sell his leading marksman, and the player is only seeing his value and his name rise at AFCB, whereas he might quickly be forgotten, if he signed for a top six team and failed to hit the mark straight away.
Wilson is enjoying his progress at AFCB.
Ambition is a funny word when it comes to football players. All the top six sides will say that it is a privilege to play for their club and in the past they have been able to flash the cash and make the smaller clubs sell. Now clubs like Bournemouth have started to establish themselves in the Premier League and they can afford the wages to keep their top players. Why would they want to sell to a club that they are trying to work to get on terms with?

Callum Wilson is a ready-made Premier League striker who is accelerating his knowledge and ability to score goals in this league. He is likely to have his best ever season in the top flight and he has already had the England call up. His family is settled in Bournemouth and he has worked hard to be the player he is at Dean Court. Their is prestige in playing for a bigger club, but Callum may not find the financial lure big enough to risk a change in environment. What can Chelsea offer him playing there?  A better chance of winning a cup competition and being more in the shop window for a bigger club like Real Madrid or Barcelona. Is it enough at this point of his career?

I don't think players find it easy to stay at one club for a long time, but AFCB is good at bucking that trend because players have to buy into the whole story –  the family club, the Premier League underdogs and the manager that has the vision to keep taking the club forward. Turning your back on all of that is not easy to do and Wilson knows that AFCB have helped him recover from potentially career ending injuries twice. The bonds he has with the club are very deep and has repaid the club with goals.

But would Wilson believe he could get as much attention on his game elsewhere and improve as quickly as he has at AFCB? Eddie Howe wouldn't be as confident as he comes across on SkySports when speaking about not wanting to see Wilson sold, if he didn't feel that Callum had no intention of leaving this window.

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