Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Pugh has still got that magic touch

You can never get enough of Marc Pugh. We haven't seen nearly enough of him this season and I am worried that he may well be playing his football elsewhere in the next few months, rather than at AFCB. But of all Bournemouth's players he deserves a fabulous send off when he does hang his boots up for the Cherries.
Marc Pugh is all AFCB.
I was pleased to see Marc get the minutes against Brighton in the FA Cup that he deserves. He has a very down to earth manner and understanding that while he is not playing often, he does at least have his health and is not injured like others around hm. Keeping his spirits high must be a challenge, but you could see how much it meant to him to score against Brighton with his clenched fist, and his little skip of joy when he found the back of the net.

Pugh is a great player and the kind of player that lives and breathes the club. He only wants the best for the team, and while that has meant him sitting out many games of late, he still gives 110 per cent when he does get a chance. There are others that are nowhere near as committed, and if we could bottle the Pugh spirit and endeavour we would have a template for an excellent Premier League player.


I think it is hard for Pugh to come in and turn on the skill having missed so many games. But Pugh is a grafter and doesn't want to let himself or anyone down when he puts on a red and black shirt. His excitement is infectious, as it was when he first turned out for AFCB, and it is worth savouring every moment he is on the pitch these days, as he has been one of Eddie Howe's leading lights over the past decade.

Transfer News: Sam Surridge recalled after dramatic win in FA Cup over Fulham. It would not be a surprise to see a club come in for Surridge in this window after seeing his goals at Oldham.

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