Monday, 14 January 2019

Was it a penalty on Brooks?

Bournemouth have had their fare share of penalties this season ask Burnley fans who haven't had any to my knowledge! But some teams will swear that our players go down too easily and you can agree with that at times. But I don't think Bournemouth have the biggest players on the pitch, and they come up against some stringer professionals who are often slower and do get caught out with the pace for Bournemouth's attacking players.
David Brooks didn't win a penalty but he is a hazard when making driving runs into the box?
Against Everton Bournemouth were claiming another penalty when David Brooks went down in the box from Gueye's challenge. Some will say it would have been a soft penalty if it had been given, but penalties are either penalties or not penalties, soft or not. Referees need to ask themselves would that be a foul if it had occurred outside the box? That is where I get annoyed when penalties like the potential one at Everton were not given. Outside the box Anthony Taylor was hardly off his whistle.

Of course, you can't rely on penalties to be given every game to win them. Bournemouth need to score goals in open play and from set pieces and they had some really good opportunities. Stanislas might have done better from his free kick in the first half and Brooks might have steered his first half shot just inside the post rather than on it. But when you get decisions not going your way, there is a discomfort when you see a potential penalty not given - it's human nature. It's a very subjective part of the game as you know soft or not in some games they will be given while in others they are not.

There was no right or wrong call for fans on the Brooks' potential penalty, as the decision lies with the referee only and he didn't give it. But players and fans are entitled to their opinion, even if it doesn't matter what they feel. How much contact does there need to be to be a foul? It's a personal view - what is enough for some people isn't enough for others. But Eddie Howe was right in saying that the game could have turned decisively in AFCB's favour if a penalty had been given to reflect the team's dominance.

Personally, I don't think Taylor was consistent in his decision making. Gueye didn't get anything of the ball but got enough of David Brooks for me. It's a talking point, but we know who's view counts. You have to hope these things balance themselves out.

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