Monday, 21 January 2019

Is Arter off to Watford?

There were reports on Sunday that Harry Arter could be recalled despite a season-long loan at Cardiff if there is a bid to buy him. That bid is expected to come from Watford, according to the Irish Independent.
Will Arter leave Bournemouth this January?
Watford are looking for a replacement for Abdoulaye DecourΓ© and Harry Arter is said to fit the bill. I suppose Arter will have to make a decision on where he would rather play football. He has said he loves Cardiff and would like to stay there if they can stay up, but leaving them now would be like a desertion to leave them to their plight. Watford have also been one of the teams that Arter has probably got his metal up for the most to try and beat as often as possible. Whether he sees them as a band of warriors and a team that can achieve something special, is what he may have to weigh up. Can he turn his back on the battles he had as a Bournemouth player to join Watford?

It's all about what is best for Harry. He wants a fresh start and this would be Premier League football in a town not far out of London. I'd say that his style would fit in well with Watford, and he has deserved a move, seeing how he has played in Cardiff. Neil Warnock may have every reason to think that Bournemouth are out to wreck Cardiff's season what with the Clyne incident and now this possible recall. The game in a few weeks time between the two could just be a bit hot an spicy.

Arter will of course not be available for that game being on loan from Bournemouth, but he might even be a Watford player by then. For Bournemouth it might be just good business, seeing as they have spent heavily in January and could recoup some funds from a sale. 

The latest report on the BBC says that AFCB are not going to activate the recall on Harry Arter's season loan at Cardiff.

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  1. As a Watford fan I would say he would not be signed as a replacement for Doucoure. They may see him as another option going forward. There is a possibility of Pereyra moving on in the summer and it might be with him in mind that they bid for Arter. Personally, I can't see it. Not that Arter is a bad player - far from it. I don't see where he would fit in with the current personnel in the squad. Whilst I'm here, good luck for the rest of the season. There is a friendly but healthy rivalry between our clubs and both are doing very well. Regards.