Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Cheers to Eddie Howe 10 years on from that New Year's eve call

The club has been reminiscing about the last decade and the successful appointment of Eddie Howe on 31 December 2008. It may not have been a full 10 years at AFCB, but Eddie Howe has always been with us in heart, and even came to look over the lads when they took on Huddersfield Town in the League One play-off, when he had himself left the club along with Jason Tindall in 2011.
A happy anniversary for Eddie Howe.

The bond with Howe is extremely strong and even when the tide has been going against AFCB, it has been reassuring that Howe is there to breathe confidence back into the players and the fans. It is hard to think about AFCB now without Eddie Howe and the way he has designed the club to work around him has been first-class in every way.

It is hard to think ahead to what may happen in AFCB's next decade. The book is completely open with the pages ready to write - perhaps Europe and a new stadium or a full from the Premier League. A large factor on what will happen is the fortunes of Eddie Howe himself.  While I am not overjoyed at the recent run of results, in a way it has probably held off further speculation about Howe's future possibly being elsewhere. Managers who don't keep winning games tend to fall out of the limelight, and it will soon be someone else's turn to fill the speculation columns.

We have been extremely lucky that Howe has not jumped ship more than the once and that he sees his future at Dean Court. I wonder what might have happened had Howe turned down the job in 2008 and if he had not returned in 2012. It would have been quite a different story. The promotions would not have come and AFCB could have been a non-league club or still be in League One or Two. Fun though that was, it has been a great experience to see football in all the league divisions and to watch some of the world's leading players and managers in action.

If you toast anyone today, give a toast to Eddie as he has been making New Year's very exciting for AFCB fans for the best part of a decade, and I'd like to see him take the club to the next level in the next decade.

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