Thursday, 5 September 2019

Bournemouth have to halt that sinking feeling

The Cherries have to pick themselves up after the Leicester defeat. The game swung away from Bournemouth after an indifferent performance and the table doesn't look quite so clever with one win a draw and two defeats.
Two defeats in four games and the pressure is on.
That sinking feeling is certainly in the belly of Bournemouth fans and it makes the upcoming home games all the more important to win now. In some respects we do usually see AFCB play better when they are in a bit of trouble and the pressure is on, but this start is a long way behind the impressive start of last season. Whether the squad has been strengthened in the right areas is something that we may only get a clear feeling about by next January. Bournemouth have spent money, but the players they have bought in the last year, at the back, have not replaced the established players with the exception that Chris Mepham has had some starts.

You could argue that Billing and Harry Wilson have added something to the team further forward, but results say that there is more that needs to be done in making this a winning team. Playing people in their best position is where Eddie has to start and if the players he has bough at right-back, centre-midfield and up front are not ready yet then we should question the recruitment policy. Most of these players are young but are they ready? They may get better with time, but Bournemouth need to try and stay in the Premier League with them and rebuilding has not been as easy as some might have hoped for.

It is possible that the balance is not quite right yet and while we know AFCB always pick up injuries, this season they really needed a bit of help to bed these new players in. Eddie Howe now has to look for solutions to a growing problem.


  1. When our defensive record over recent season has been so poor, I fail to understand why Eddie has not dealt effectively with this serious problem. Yes, young players need time to mature and grow into their roles - but I just hope they will be able to do so in the PL rather than the Championship.

  2. Too early to say if we've gone backwards. Man City and Leicester same result as last season. Therefore Sheffield United only disappointing result, and even there we didn't exactly run riot last season against the newly promoted clubs !