Friday, 6 September 2019

Too many injuries are hurting AFCB

The latest injury to halt Bournemouth in their tracks is the injury to Adam Smith. While it is bad for a team to lose any player for a few weeks, it is particularly bad news that Adam Smith is the unlucky one because he is one of those players that can cover in so many positions.

Adam Smith is an energetic and full-hearted player, so it is perhaps no surprise that he does pick-up injuries fairly frequently. He got this one running back and straining to stop a Leicester attack on the left. but a slight over stretch, and he was out of the game in the second half.
Charlie Daniels is one player we won't be seeing again this season.

Meanwhile, the injury to Charlie Daniels we know will keep him out for the whole season as he has a dislocated patella. He did that during the match with Man City. It is particularly devastating for Charlie who missed most of last season with a long-term knee injury.

The holes in the team are really starting to show. Eddie Howe keeps shuffling the pack but as soon as he does another player picks up an injury. Yet, we are only just a month into the new season and teams that get a lot of injuries usually struggle to pick up points. We are starting to see that scenario at Bournemouth. It does seem unfair that wherever Howe looks to strengthen his team he finds that injuries pop up in places where he least needs them. Last season in was in central midfield and now it is in defence where it is worse when players drop out of the team as the whole solidity of the side comes under pressure.
It will put pressure as well on players when they do come back. Lloyd Kelly will have to try and fill Charlie Daniels boots for sure, and if Jack Stacey can't fill in for Adam Smith then Howe will need Simon Francis to comeback into the right side, when Francis has said he wants to play as a centre-back for the last two seasons.

If Bournemouth were a blanket it would be looking more like a patchwork quilt at the moment, but the problem is that quilt doesn't cover the pitch very well. There is time at the moment to heal, but AFCB can't afford to fall too far behind before they start solving their injury problems.

In other news, Josh King scored a penalty in Norway's 2-0 win over Malta in the European Championship qualifiers. 

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