Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Can AFCB fans be patient?

If the score had been the other way around in the Birmingham game AFCB fans would have come away saying that this team plays terrific football and is starting to get the wins. As it was, AFCB made some mistakes and lost the match 0:2, but they still played some sumptuous football. Looking at the chances of 24 shots and 8 on target for AFCB compared to Birmingham's 4 shots and 2 on target, you can see why Eddie Howe has been scratching his head how it could have gone so wrong.

I know it is the points that count and all the critics including myself will say that defensive mistakes are what cost the team and the aim is to won games to get the points on offer. But AFCB fans have to be patient because the Cherries are playing beautifully at times. The passing and the movement is something that not even clubs well above AFCB can achieve. That part of AFCB's game is simply amazing. It's virtually an art form at least that is what fans of Swansea or Arsenal would say when they watch their teams and that is how Eddie Howe is developing this squad at AFCB.

The players and the management need
 our support now as they try and get through this difficult period.
So how patient can we all be? The players are making mistakes as Eddie said they would. We can hope that the gap to the bottom teams stays big enough not for AFCB to be pulled into it but there is a possibility that the team will find it hard to stay in this league. So how brave are we as fans? I was pleased to see that know one got on the back of the players and that everyone was clapped off at the end of the Birmingham game. There was lots to applaud even though the match was lost. Some of the passing was breath taking and Birmingham's players couldn't really live with it for large periods of the game. But Eddie has to try and entwine that performance with an end product.

Once AFCB do get the back-to-back wins they can settle a little more when playing at home and the pressure might just feel a bit easier to manage with for the players. It's start again though this week with the visit to Sheffield Wednesday and I think this will be a good game for our players to have as the Owls have had a bit of a resurgence of late and may feel that an AFCB side coming to play them is not going to be a difficult game. 

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  1. I can only repeat myself to be honest. Yes, we play great football, yet as you say, we are not turning our possession into goals, and end up gifting too many goals. Much as I love Cook, he's been immense, yet it's often been his mistakes that have resulted into us conceding. I don't see Grabban or Pitman being the answer to our lack of goals. So all in all, I don't see much changing until January, when I HOPE, Eddie will bring in some quality. If he doesn't, we may still stay up, but it will be a struggle. I've always said, what ever this season brings, I'll enjoy it, and I am. I still stand what I've been saying for months, we're not far off being a very good side, but I think any incomings are going to make that difference, we'll just have to see what happens!!