Monday, 23 December 2013

Still enjoying the Championship ride

We are approaching half way through the season and people are starting to ask me about how AFCB are doing and if they have lived up to expectations in the Championship. I find it quite hard to answer such things as my heart always rules my head in such matters. You want and hope for the best for your team at the start of a campaign, but we all know that only a few teams can be truly successful in any one season. For the rest it is a case of not having too much embarrassment when you walk through the door on a Monday morning after a derby match or revealing to your mates that you travelled along way to see your team get thumped. At least that didn't happen last weekend. Still there are some better teams than AFCB in the Championship.
I think most AFCB supporters are enjoying the Championship,
especially if you have been on the road with the team.
I'd have to say AFCB have done okay when coming up against derby or near-by, rival teams . They have not lost to Brighton or Reading and while the team has come up against some really good teams they have only had a couple of results I would rather forget about. No one cruises in the Championship. Even for those at the top it is a grinding season with many set backs, injury blows and key decisions that can go against you. But at the end of it, on 3 May 2014, I hope I can say I enjoyed this season no matter where AFCB finish.

I will have enjoyed being with my friends watching the games and having visited new stadiums and felt the thrill of beating some teams that I feared would stuff us out of sight. You know even the big defeats and the poor runs make you come back the following week to see if things will change.

I have not had a chance to listen to All Department's podcast on the Sheffield Wednesday v AFCB match yet, but you can have a listen if you visit Michael Dunne's website at All Departments. This week I believe he speaks with AFCB fan Iain Chapman who used to live in Bournemouth but now resides in Barnsley.

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