Sunday, 1 December 2013

Cook plays through the pain for AFCB

Steve Cook was a big doubt for the Brighton game but he came through okay. His post-match interview revealed that he had needed some pain killers as he had severe bruising and ligament damage. Yet, Steve was so determined to play against Brighton I am pleased that Eddie decided to risk him. Whether Cook can struggle though on Tuesday and next Saturday remains to be seen, but it looks like Cookie would happily play every game this season even if he only had one leg to stand on.

Cook played through the pain against Derby.
His partnership with Tommy Elphick has been resurrected and I can see them playing together for  a good period now. The aim will be to get that clean sheet which they are working so hard towards. Obtaining it though is difficult when you have teams like QPR to visit on your travels. Cook admitted himself that getting a point at Loftus Road would be, "a good result for little old Bournemouth". I have to agree with him, although the current points tally would suggest that the team needs a win at some point if they are to increase that gap between themselves and the teams in the relegation spots.

The good feeling I get though is that the players are enjoying the challenge. There is no feeling of not being able to survive in this league. While the current run is not brilliant in terms of points there are real signs of progress and the luck will change if the team keep playing as well as they are at the moment. 

Steve Cook is one that seems to know exactly how the team is doing. In his honest interview after the Brighton game he admitted that, "it was probably two points dropped against a good side, especially when you have taken the lead." But you could also see how excited he was to know that his next game would be at Loftus Road.

It is important us fans also keep the spirits up. Yes, the table does not look so great but it can change quickly with some results and players like Cook are determined that AFCB's fortunes turn soon. That our players are keen to wear the shirt and give their all, is more than enough for me. And to take pain killing injections and still perform well is a credit to Steve Cook. I'll be pleased to be on of many cheering him and the team on when he runs out on Tuesday night.

If you have not yet noticed the photos Cherry Chimes took of people around the ground on Saturday can be viewed at Match Day Gallery

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