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Cherries' Boxing Day second half goals see off Glovers

AFCB 3 v 0 Yeovil Town
26 December 2013
Attendance: 10,717 (including 1367 Yeovil fans)

AFCB cruise to a three-nil home win against Yeovil Town, but it was anything but easy in the first half which had ended goalless as the Glovers' goal appeared to be protected by a force field. This game had some end-to-end play as well as Yeovil hit the woodwork twice. But in the end the Cherries proved too strong for the Somerset men and with Ritchie, O'Kane and Fraser in particular pulling the strings AFCB were good value for this win when the stats show they had some 33 shots to Yeovil's 15.

Eddie Howe named an unchanged team to face Yeovil which was a bit of a surprise considering the same 11 did not perform that well at home against Birmingham. Still the onus was on those players to come up with the goods today following an impressive away win at Sheffield Utd only 5 days ago. It meant that Surman would play just behind Grabban who would lead the line, while the subs bench looked very impressive going forward with Pugh, Pitman and Rantie.

Match Description:
Listening to BBC Somerset

We had some technical problems and BBC Radio Solent didn't want to start up on Cherries player today so we start by listening to BBC Somerset's commentary.

Yeovil had the first chance with Fontaine heading the ball into the North stand. Ritchie then put a shot wide at Yeovil's end. Surman also had a header straight at Stech from Fraser's cross. Grabban beats the offside trap and crosses. Shane Duffy misses it at the back, but an AFCB player steps on the ball.

Yeovil are making their own problems with their players getting caught in midfield. Approaching 10 minutes it is goalless and AFCB are doing all the attacking. Edwards put the ball out for a corner to the Cherries. Fraser to take, short to O'Kane, Daniels in the box gets it to Arter. Fontaine gets a clearance in. Grabban on the right wing passes to Dawson and its another corner on 11 minutes as AFCB attack the Ted MacDougall end.

Miller makes a break into the box but the shot hits the post! O'Kane now on the break the other way Surman shoots well over. In the first 14 minutes AFCB have had five attempts compared to Yeovil's one shot at goal. Fraser gets a cross over looking for Ritchie's header which Stech saves, the ball comes back out for Grabban but he almost hits the corner flag with his shot!

Now finally listening with BBC Solent on Cherries player. BBC Somerset seemed more interested in the King George Cup!

Francis lets the ball bounce and hammers it up to Grabban. McAllister in a right mess and with Grabban one-on-one he misses a chance as two defenders get back. He beat the keeper but had another touch that allowed the keeper to get back. Ritchie then gives a free kick away for a challenge on Duffy. that was a golden opportunity - a reluctance to use his left foot says Kris temple. 19 minutes gone.

Ritchie and Francis link up and Lundstram passes back to the keeper but gets away with it. Duffy clouts Grabban and wins a free kick. Dawson gives a way a throw. Ritchie passes to Francis five yards from the corner flag. Arter's cross is blocked by Lundstram for another AFCB corner on 28 minutes.

Elphick came in but it's headed away. Grant is on the far left now shadowed by O'Kane. Ralls round the outside to Edwards near the penalty area but Francis holds him up. Lundstam crosses but the Cherries clear. Camp finds Grabban and he gets into the area but Fontaine and Duffy snuff out the danger. 

Yeovil's attempts have mainly been on the counter as they have struggled to build any play. Francis up against Edwards, Surman and O'Kane tries to play back to Surman, but it's too fast and out of play.

McAllister has another air shot. Grabban is caught offside. Surman rugby tackles Upson and Yeovil have a free kick. Arter turns from Lundstram and is caught in the centre by Dawson. 13 minutes to half time. Yeovil with McAllister crosses but Camp collects. AFCB in the counter 3 on 3. Arter and Grabban, Grabban pulls it back but Yeovil clear.

Grabban almost gets in on breaking the offside trap. Duffy plays to Ralls but Francis blocks him. Yeovil's corner goes to Fontaine, but Elphick clears with a header. Edwards floats it back to Duffy but Ward and Elphick clear. Grant is offside. Upson then charges back and takes out Fraser. Free kick to the Cherries. Arter's free kick was on target but easily saved on 37 minutes.

Francis makes a clearance. McAllister passes to Dwson and McAllister again Lundtram's flick round the corner runs out of play. O'Kane is blocked by Fontaine. Daniels plays it into Ward but the keeper puts it out for the corner. The header out is to Fraser his shot curls but wide.

Stech also makes a great save from Grabban as AFCB pile on the pressure. Yeovil now with Dawson but Miller is tackled by Arter. "A lot of Stech's saves have been comfortable," says Kris Temple. Daniels clears ahead of Fontaine. Grabban has a shot wide from 20 yards out that's wide.

One minute of extra time being played. Francis finds Ritchie then Fraser but the attack fizzles out. AFCB corner, Fraser delivers and Ward runs onto it. The ball is in the net but the whistle has gone for a push and the goal is disallowed. ElphicK was probably the culprit says Kris Temple. Arter has a problem with his right arm. The Cherries have dominated the game but have not been clinical enough, although Grabban looks like a man that will score. Half time 0-0
AFCB have had 19 shots but only 5 on target compared to Yeovil's 5 shots off target. Possession on the BBC website reads 61% to 39% in favour of AFCB.

Second Half
Yeovil are on the attack, no changes from either team. Yeovil win a free kick. Elphick leaps well to clear. Grant , then Upson and McAlister, Francis clears. Grabban on the break to Fraser but Dawson  clears. Joel Grant on half way is tackled by Ward.

O'Kane to the edge of the area but he loses the ball at the last minute. Fraser crosses and Ritchie gets a goal on 50 minutes. There were several ricochets but "Ricthie almost took the net off,"
 that clean sheet now. Miller, Lundstram's cross is headed out by O'Kane and as Duffy shoots two Yeovil players are flagged offside.

Daniels and O'Kane and Arter is penalised for an aggressive challenge and he is in the book and misses the next game against Ipswich. The ref did not like the aggression. Elphick gives Arter a pep talk - we don't want him going off for two yellows.

O'Kane over the top for Fraser but it comes to Grabban. The cross from O'Kane is hit by Ritchie who scores for AFCB's second - deflected shot top corner! 57 minutes gone.

Yeovil are going to make a change. Shaun McDonald comes on first though as Harry Arter is subbed on the hour. Ward makes a good tackle as Yeovil almost get through the middle. Camp gets a bit lucky with a take.

Fraser is caught offside. Hayter comes on with lost of applause from a respectful Bournemouth crowd as Edwards goes off. McAlister also goes off and Davis comes on and Lundstram is off, replaced by Foley. Uspon puts a shot well wide. 

19 minutes gone in the second half. Grabban and MacDonald link up but Davis gets a challenge in. Elphick misses the ball but O'Kane is going and going, all the way and makes it 3:0! His left foot shot flies past the keeper. "O'Kane kept his head down and just kept going," says Temple. "That goal started in Sheffield," said Willo, remaking on how well O'Kane has done in the last two games. 65 minutes gone

Grant cross and Francis heads away. Miller shoots wide of the goal as Camp let's it go. Grabban is caught offside. Ward then fouls Duffy. AFCB's attack is stopped by Upson just when Grabban was about to break free. Upson gets a yellow card.

A free kick 25 yards out. Daniels and Ritchie stand over the ball with 21 minutes to go the wall stops the shot. Fraser to O'Kane and Surman puts his shot over.

Davis is clipped by MacDonald, but no free kick. Francis cross is deflected by Dawson and Upson. Dawson and Grant. Miller's cross is blocked by Elphick. Dawson's cross is tame and the Cherries have the ball.

Davis shot strikes Elphick and Yeovil have a corner. Surman clears at the near post and Camp makes a safe claim when the ball comes back in. Grabban is out muscled by Grant, Fontaine has it at the back.

Grabban is subbed and on comes Tokelo Rantie. Miller is caught offside. Fraser 25 yards out finds the North stand! Another foul on Fraser and Ralls is given a yellow card.

Daniels and O'Kane through to Ritchie but the cross is just missed by MacDonald. Ritchie over the top for Rantie, but he is dispossessed. Surman and O'Kane tries to find Rantie who wins a throw. Fraser is subbed for Pugh.

Ritchie and then Francis, O'Kane was looking for Pugh but Ralls volleys the ball away. Daniles beats Miller and comes away Rantie looks for Ritchie and a shot from Ritchie is deflected for a corner. Just 7 minutes to go.

Francis has a shot wide of the post from 30 yards out. Six minutes left as AFCB look to hold on to the clean sheet. Yeovil are onside and Upson hits the left hand post! the shot was driven across Lee Camp with the keeper beaten.

Matt Ritchie is made man of the match, but O'Kane is not far behind says Willo with two consecutive good games. Grant, through the centre shoots and Camp saves. "AFCB are unbeaten in the last nine meetings with Yeovil," says Kris Temple.

Hayter fouls Elphick in the centre circle. Rantie is onside but  the keeper beats him to the ball.
Daniels gives the ball away, but Hayer is offside. Davis and Foley's cross is blocked by Ritchie. Then Duffy pushes and gives AFCB a free kick.

The whistle goes as AFCB record their second biggest home win of the season 3:0.

Camp, Francis, Elphick, Ward, Daniels, Ritchie, Arter (MacDonald 60), O'Kane, Fraser (Pugh 80), Surman and Grabban (Rantie 74)

Allsop, Harte, Addison, Pugh, MacDonald, Pitman, Rantie

Stech, Edwards (Hayter 62), Duffy, Fontaine, McAllister (Davis 62), Dawson, Lundstram (Foley 63), Ralls, Grant, Upson, Miller

Yeovil Subs
Hayter, Foley, Moore,Hoskins, Davis, Dunn, Ofuri-Twumasi

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