Saturday, 21 December 2013

Match Description: Wednesday humbled by Cherries at Hillsborough 1:2

Sheffield Wednesday 1 v 2 AFCB
21 December 2013
Attendance: 21,057 (300 AFCB)

AFCB outplayed Sheffield Wednesday to win their second away match in a row. This one was more comfortable for the Cherries than the Reading win with two first half goals again, but they could not keep a clean sheet. Wednesday sounded like a team that was struggling and AFCB's passing took its tole on the Yorkshire team as AFCB open the points gap on the bottom three teams to eight points, while they close to nine points off the play-off positions.

Eddie Howe could not keep an unchanged team. Steve Cook was out with a hamstring strain, but Elliot Ward was back in the team. Marc Pugh was also dropped, while Ryan Fraser came into the team. That meant that Surman and O'Kane would keep their places in midfield with Arter while Grabban would play up front on his own. Their was still no place for Tokelo Rantie in the starting line up.

Sheffield Wednesday had won two out of their last three games, but they were lucky not to have lost points in mid-week when they were one-nil down at home to Wigan Athletic before the match was abandoned. The big pre-match news for Wednesday supporters was that their leading scorer, Connor Wickham, was injured and would not play, while defender Loovens was also out.

Match Description: listening to BBC Radio Solent

Lee Camp has the ball at back. Ward passes to Daniels and the ball comes of Fraser for a Wednesday throw. The ball is in the centre Jermaine Johnshon has a shot right of AFCB's goal on 2 minutes. Fraser goes down off the ball.

Daniels now to Fraser 30 yards out, but Grabban is offside. Jermaine Johnson running at O'Kane but Arter tracks back. Rodger Johnson to Palmer down the right and Daniels slides in for a corner to Wednesday on 4 minutes. Lee takes it and it goes out to Coke. Jermaine Johnson's shot is blocked by Ward and kicked away by Francis.

Cope to Rader Hohnson and Ritchie guides him to the corner, Maghoma has a shot but it's wide.

Break in Transmission

Okay, back with you 12 mins gone. Can you believe it we have missed a goal while we lost the internet connection!

Maghoma hits a shot high over the bar with score 0:1 to the Cherries. Matt Ritchie was the goal scorer on 10 minutes, a left footed shot from outside the box from a Surman assist. The goal was in the bottom right hand corner from 25 yards out. That was AFCB's first meaningful attack on the break. Give Ritchie room and you will be punished!

It's a goal kick to Wednesday. Free kick to Wednesday after a Surman challenge. Maghoma takes it and it is in the box, O'Kane clears for a throw. O'Kane and Arter win the ball, now Grabban has it to Ritchie. Surman beats his man and the shot is saved by Martinez. A good save low down with fingers tips. Corner to AFCB. It's cleared away.

Palmer gives the ball away and the Cherries pen Wednesday in. But Arter gives the ball away. 18 minutes gone. A chance to counter 4 on 4 with Surman all the way into the box but Roger Johnson makes the tackle. Another corner for AFCB. Elphick rises but Nuhui clears. Maghoma is clear and Jermain Johnson's shot is blocked for a throw in. Wednesday have a corner off of Arter.

Daniels and Nuhui challenge but it's cleared and Grabban has the ball on half way and finds Francis on the right. Cross from the byline Llera clears for a corner. Ward heads behind for a goal kick.

Wednesday Maghoma and Lee break down the left. Ritchie has it now looking for Grabban and then Surman. Ritchie back to Grabban but Coke gets back. AFCB appeal for handball but the ball is cleared. Francis is down after a late, high challenge.

Francis is back on the pitch. Coke makes a long cross-field ball. 26 minutes gone here. Arter plays the ball into Grabban and it's two-nil to AFCB!!! Fantastic ball from Arter and Grabban hit a good strike, low and hard into the back of the net. It was an outside of the right foot pass from Arter, which swerved back round for Grabban to hit.

The Cherries have worked hard at the back but not up front to breakdown the Wednesday defence. Kris Temple says the keeper should not be getting beat there on his near post for the second goal, but Willo begs to differ as Grabban was only  a few yards out.

Grabban tries to bulldose his way past Llera. Surman on half way, Lee and Maghoma has it until Arter comes away. Lee with Jermaine Johnson onside after Arter gave away the ball, but he hits the side netting. Lee Camp could have come for the ball but chose not to. It's a corner off of Ward.

A glancing header from Nihui is well saved by camp on his left hand side and another corner. Llera was the target but AFCB smuggle it away and win a free kick.

The pitch has a section that is very sandy we are told. Wednesday give the ball away but Grabban is penalised for being offside. 12 minutes to half time.

Ritchie has the ball again and Surman, Rodger Johnson cuts the ball out and Wednesday have a throw. Nuhui finds Reda Johnson, Coke to Lee but Daniels heads out. Lee crosses but the header from Reda Johnson is wide.

Jermaine Johnson has a shot from a long way out and it is hopelessly wide. Ritchie wins a free kick. Cherries down the right with Grabban.

On the 36 minute mark there is a minute of applause for a Wednesday fan - Simon Holdsworth, who was murdered last Monday. Terrible news. Rest easy Simon.

Cope shoots wide with 7 and a half minutes to half time. Maghoma wins the ball but Llera is offside. Camp restarts play. Grabban onside again wide on the left. He goes to Fraser and Arter, Fraser again and Grabban, but it is behind for a goal kick with Surman and Ritchie waiting for the cross.

Llera to Reda Johnson but it's too strong and an AFCB throw. Grabban pushes Roger Johnson in the back - a needless foul. Palmer takes the kick and Ward clears. Semedo's ball in falls to Maghoma, Daniels pulls out of the challenge. AFCB win the ball and on the break Arter shoots wide.

Elphick does a back header much to Kris Temple's delight."Happy Birthday, Kelly Summers of AFCB media team," says Kris. "She is 23 today!"

Francis to Ritchie. O'Kane has had a quite game on the right, but Wednesday get a tackle in. A bad tackle on Ritchie and Reda Johnson is given the yellow card. Three minutes of added time.

A Cherries throw with Francis and Maghoma holds him up. A free kick to Wednesday."Just see this through," says Willo. Martinez claims the ball. On half way, Cope and Semedo, but Arter wins the ball Fraser is challenged on the edge of the box. It's half time 0:2 to the Cherries!

Second Half
Fraser on the sandy part of the pitch and Jermaine Johnson then has it, but Wednesday are offside as AFCB hold their line. Arter on the right poor ball on Coke has it and then Maghoma. Lee switches sides in the second half as Wednesday look for a way back into the game.

Palmer takes a throw. Grabban chases the ball and wins a throw as Roger Johnson clears. The boos are for Daniels as he runs away with the ball. Elphick puts the ball out amidst calls of handball. AFCB down the right for Fraser, who is hauled to the ground. AFCB have a free kick in an attacking position. Willo says: "Ritchie hits the target when he takes the kicks," but it will be Arter or Daniels. Arter hits it over the wall but the keeper makes a comfortable save.

Nuhui pushes an AFCB player and Bournemouth have the ball back. Elphick wins the ball. Semedo gives away possession. Nine minutes gone in the second half. Ward to O'Kane and Rodger Johnson wins it in the air. Daniels now has the ball.

Tindall is wearing a snood today according to Kris Temple - thanks for the info Kris! Somedo and Jermaine Johnson and Lee stopped by Francis. Free kick to Wednesday. A deep cross from Lee goes straight out.

Daniels volleys the ball down field. AFCB subs are warming up. Fraser loses the ball to Jermaine Johnson. Wednesday give the ball to Daniels - poor passing. Wednesday down the left and Francis puts the ball out. Fraser into Grabban and Llera gets a glance on the ball.

Grabban is offside. Good ball from Fraser, Grabban misplaced the pass to Surman who was in loads of space! That was a 2 on 1. Elphick does some defensive work and then Ward. Nuhui is injured with his shoulder.

Daniels tackles Maghoma. Coke and Daniels in again and wins a goal kick. Francis on the right and a Cherries throw. Ritchie towards their own fans, Grabban can't reach the ball and its through to Martinez.

Cope to Jermaine Johnson. Elphick puts it out. A double change for Wednesday Helan and Savic to come on after 65 minutes. Semedo and Nuhui come off.

Fraser's cross to the back post comes off Ritchie for a goal kick. A quarter of the game to go. "Concentration is the thing AFCB have done well," says Willo. Jermaine Johnson shoots from way out - "woeful," says Kris temple. "When you get to that kind of desperation it's relegation stuff," says Willo.

Pitman is warming up and Pugh is about to come on. Just 21 minutes to go, Grabban is offside. Maghoma does a good turn away from Elphick who gets a yellow card. The ball is just 25 yards out. Not good concentration there! AFCB build a five man wall. Llera is lining up a shot. Lee comes into perhaps take the kick. Llera hits it high!

Pugh comes on for Fraser. A change of left wingers. Maghoma loses possession. Elphick powers his header away. Pugh passes to Surma and then Arter but Wednesday have it, given away by Llera and Ritchie takes a shot but shoots wide! That could have been another goal.

Best quote of the day coming
Jermaine Johnson crosses and AFCB clear with Pugh as AFCB break. "It was not quite the Red Arrows but more like the Black Eyed-Peas," says Willo. Not sure what he meant there - perhaps not a great breakaway formation?

Helan on the left side Francis tackles. Ritchie on his own box and Elphick out. Reda Johnson has a shot towards goal which is blocked then Arter puts the ball out for a corner. Blocked by Grabban. Kieron Lee passes forward. Wednesday are annoyed that Arter goes down when Wednesday had the ball.

Jermaine Johnson goes off and Mattock comes on.10 minutes left. Ritchie defends for a throw. Wednesday near the box and Ritchie puts it out again. Wednesday loft in to Reda Johnson towards the penalty spot but the Cherries clear. Another cross and Lee camp comes for the ball and does not make it, it hits Daniels who slips and Maghoma taps it in to make it 1:2 from three yards! Oh my goodness. Camp at fault with a missed punch. 81 minutes gone.

There goes the clean sheet - "none in 15 now," says Kris Temple. Helan now down the left, Ritchie tackles and plays the ball to Grabban. Wednesday over half way with Helan and Francis blocks and then Ritchie clears.

Grabban on his own on the centre spot but he is surrounded by five Wednesday players. Reda Johnson going up front has given something extra for Wednesday going forward. Shaun MacDonald comes on for Andrew Surman.

Pugh now on the left but is pulled up. Free kick for Wednesday. The heads go up it comes to Helan and Grabban kicks it out. Palmer and Francis wins it in the air. "It is going to be tin hats for these last few minutes," says Willo.

Rantie is about to come on. Maghoma is kept out with Ward and Pugh makes a block. Grabban isolated finds Ritchie. Wednesday get men back. Arter puts the ball out. Rantie has sat back down. Palmer level with the box and O'Kane heads out.

Grabban is in and from an acute angle Martinez makes the save. Four minutes of extra time.

O'Kane in the middle and MacDonald. AFCB win another throw. "Red Army" is belted out. Wednesday on the break with Maghoma, but Daniels puts it out. Arter gives away the ball. O'Kane pops up at right back to clear. 90 seconds left. AFCB have the throw.

Pitman comes on for Grabban. Martinez kicks it into the box and O'Kane clears. O'Kane again hits it long. Wednesday come forward. Francis clears and time is up. Throw in, up go the heads. Francis clears and Elphick. Full Time!

AFCB are now up to 15th in the table UTCIAD!

Camp, Francis, Ward, Elphick, Daniels, Ritchie, Arter, O'Kane, Surman (MacDonald 85), Fraser (Pugh 71), Grabban (Pitman 94).

AFCB Subs:
Allsop, Harte, MacDonald, Pitman, Pugh, Addison, Rantie

Sheffield Wednesday:
Martinez, Reda Johnson, Semedo (Savic 66), Roger Johnson, Maghoma, Jermaine Johnson (Mattock 82), Coke, Lee, Palmer, Llera, Nuhiu (Helan 66).

Sheffield Wednesday Subs:
Kirkland, McCabe, Helan, Mattock, Corry, McPhail, Savic

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