Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Eddie is doing his best with the players he has

I can't believe that I am even writing about Eddie Howe coming under pressure. I think it is undeserved that AFCB fans should be questioning whether he is good enough in the Championship. He is more than capable of doing very well in this league and I would not swap him for any of the other 91 managers currently employed in the four football league divisions. Eddie knows the club better than anyone and also appreciates how difficult the Championship is, and how unforgiving it can be.
Eddie Howe leads the players off after the QPR match.
AFCB are simply on one of those runs when they have not had much luck even when they have performed well enough to beat teams. While the players are still learning their trade, it is surprising that the performances have not varied more.

It is not simply the manager that is the reason for where AFCB are in the table. Our players do not have experience of paying at this level. It is like drawing a top club in the FA Cup every week and having to come away with three points at the first attempt. A few more quality players is what AFCB need to help stabilise them in the division.

A new manager would simply undermine the work that has already been done in getting the players to take on their roles and working in their combinations. Stability and togetherness is what the club needs and that starts with us the fans. It is important we stay behind what Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall are trying to achieve. We've all bought into this and it is not time to jump ship just because things are not yet going as we all want.

The next run of games over the Christmas period are massive and that is when the team and Eddie Howe will need us more than ever. We have to be strong together. There will be an improvement in the points column, because some teams are not as good as AFCB. I expect this to be proved in coming weeks. It is important though that fans do not bring the atmosphere down as that will effect performances. So keep getting behind the team and Eddie Howe. UTCIAD!

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  1. My wife asked me why I had steam coming out of my ears. I said there were some, saying Eddie should be sacked. Frankly, she should of left it at that, because she went on to make the mistake of saying, "what fans would do that"?? FANS!! SERIOUSLY!! Well after I ranted a bit, no, a lot, my poor suffering wife understood. Still, a cup of tea and some painkillers helped relax me :)

  2. The management team are more than capable, every member of the team is giving their all, some may lack the quality needed but no doubting their effort and commitment. Perhaps the one fan who thinks it's time to go should go himself, I believe Southampton are always looking to boost their fan base. One way tickets are cheap off peak!!!

  3. sad to say, it's more than one fan, which makes it all the more of a disgrace!!