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Cherry Chimes talks to Sheffield Wednesday's Owls Alive

Sheffield Wednesday v AFCB
21 December 2013
Match Preview: Blogger Interview

Cherry Chimes talks with Steve Beastie, one of the contributors to Owls Alive on how the season is going for Owls fans and what they need to do to turn their form around.

CC: Are you enjoying this season?
OA: If I'm honest no....and I say that as someone who has seen be pretty much rubbish for all barring a handful of seasons over the last 40 years.

It's had a stagnant feel to this season, like we've been waiting for the spark to ignite the club and move forward and it hasn't takes a lot to get me down, to dash my hopes and expectations, however misguided and deluded they are but dashed they most definitely are

CC: Do you really think Dave Jones was to blame for the Owl's poor form in the early part of the season?

OA: No I don't....and to my mind that's been proven by the same players playing the same formation he used actually showing some spirit and winning games since he went. I was a big fan of Dave Jones and batted his corner many times but in the end he had to go, if only to bring the fragmented fans and club back together

CC: You beat Leicester City at home a few weeks ago and you have beaten Reading so your players can compete at this level. Are there any players that you don't think are not putting it all in for the club at the moment?

OA: At times all of them...they put in performances like those and against Watford, and Forest for that matter in a game we deserved something from, but then you see them play as they did against Derby and every single player to a man was truly say 'not fit to wear the shirt' at every opportunity and a little too readily for my liking but in that game it was true. I suppose Giles Coke has been frustrating but I'm loathe to single him out especially it's just that he's shown he CAN do it, but doesn't for whatever reason, do it enough.

CC: Sheffield Wednesday are still looking for a new manager as I write this and Roy Keane has been approached - do you think he has the right kind of management style for your team or do would you hope for someone else?

OA: I've given up trying to second guess the chairman...I think we've approached pretty much everyone now and Roy Keane was the only one left on the list. I don't see what Keane would bring to the party if I'm honest, his record isn't exactly sparkling and he's not really the sort of manager I'd like if I'm honest but if he came I'd support him. I'd like to see someone given a chance...someone with potential, give them a proper go, a young manager, maybe a new one but the majority of fans wouldn't accept that and he wouldn't be given time. Being relegated isn't the death knell everyone says it is and it holds no fears for me as a fan so if we went down with a young manager who was showing he was trying to get things right and trying to move the club forward I'd be happy enough with that ride...though I appreciate, may be on the ride alone

CC: Why do you think the players have found it hard to get points away from home and how did they get it so right against Watford?

OA: I've no idea, that's the straight answer. We've had the excuse they don't like playing at home because of the pressure so what's their excuse away? We always take a good following and ALWAYS get behind them away from for Watford it wasn't really a case of getting it all right. Make no mistake Watford were the better footballing side, but we went with a bit of fire in our bellies against a team that weren't really battlers...they didn't get in our faces and instead tried to play the ball about, they had 60% + of the possession, but did little with it by way of goal threat...we saw little of the ball but made our one chance count...and should popped at least one more in TBF. Most Wednesday fans will take that sort of attitude from the players every single game, win, lose or draw a bit of battling spirit goes a long way.

CC: Are supporters optimistic of a better second half of the season and what would need to happen to make you get more results?

OA: I'm sure it's the same for's the footy fans way....we all use the phrase 'typical *insert club name here*' when things go wrong and it's the default setting for most footy fans to expect the worst and adopt a pessismisticstance...the last few results have perked us all up though TBF...but good results do that for everyone don't they?

CC: What is the financial position of the club are you able to spend do you think in January?

OA: No idea...and anyone that says they genuinely know the financial situation is either the chairman or a liar. I'd hope we can get players in in January, we'll certainly be losing quite a few key loan players as they go back to their clubs so something will need to be done.
It's my feeling, and I have nothing to support this, that the chairman is trying desperately to do everything on the cheap at the moment, mindful of wasting money he won't get back in a sale and as mentioned earlier it feels as though we're treading water through his apathy.

CC: Is Connor Wickham a player your fans are warming to and are there other good young players at the club?

OA: I think I can probably state confidently that every Wednesday fan loves Connor Wickham and every one of us would happily bear his children...without him we would be lost at the foot of the table...he is our saviour and so far and away better than anything we've had or can aspire to have in the foreseeable future it's quite sickening. He's another that returns to his club in January and he will be a huge miss for us but when he goes every single Wednesday through tear filled eyes will wish him only the best for the future.

CC: How have the crowds been at home are they sticking with the club at the moment?

OA: The crowds have been pretty good...a little bit of a drop off as we struggled under Dave Jones and the rifts appeared...with the usual amount in these instances saying they wouldn't go again until he left the club....and now he's gone and the feel good factor is returning so are the fans.

CC: Who should Bournemouth fans look out for as your best players who carry a goal scoring threat?

OA: Look no further than the wonderboy...our saint and saviour Connor Wickham...if he doesn't score, I'm not sure who will.

We used to rely on a good amount of goals from left back Reda Johnson, especially at set pieces but they seem to have dried up. It's not beyond the realms of possibility that he could return to scoring ways now the vibe at the club is better...

CC: What is it like for away supporters at Hillsborough, good burgers, big screen, wobbly seats, easy to park?

OA: Park over the road from the ground in the Wednesdayite car park, nice and safe and very reasonable price, fiver I think and a very short walk to the'll have to wait, as ya do, to get out though.

The burgers are the same as everywhere else...generic carpet burgers that you'd only ever eat at a footy match and never at any other time....there's a van on the edge of the car park, stick bacon and cheese on ya burger and go the whole hog....why not? It's not great food but it's not exactly expensive either....inside the ground we've just returned to Pukka Pies, THANKFULLY!
You know where ya stand with a pukka...proper footy pies.

I've not been in the Leppings Lane end for many many years so not sure what fans can expect these days, from what I'm told, it's like me, it needs a facelift but I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
Big Screen? :-)

It's been talked about for so long...we have an old style dot matrix type thing that most of us have a bit of affection for...yeah it's behind the uses stickmen for goals...the football looks like a bowling ball and it's cool in its also has a unique 'T' feature built into it.
If the Blades are losing it gives an update but it usually follows the same path...



United 0 Port Vale 6

Always with the Shhhh...and always with the 'T'

It looks like it's broken when the 'T' appears and rumour has it, many years ago when it was the cutting edge of technology that the bloke that installed it put the fault in on purpose so he'd have to keep coming back to repair it.

Dunno if it's true but we love the 'T' now
I hope any Bournemouth fans that make the long journey North have a safe journey both ways and that they enjoy the day out (not too much).

Me and the Young Un always love our trips to your place, including driving down for an evening game, and she is in love with your manager, apparently he is her husband...or will be one day...mindstya, she does have a lot of em.


Thanks Steve and Owls Alive. I am glad that you have loads of humour and that you are keeping faith in your team despite the difficult times. It looks like the matrix screen will be a highlight although Mrs Howe may decide to make the journey up to your ground to ensure her husband is not mobbed by your Young Un. Enjoy the game!

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