Friday, 22 January 2016

Dominating games is what AFCB are aiming to do

Going out and trying to dominate games is difficult at any level, but in the Premier League it takes something a bit special to not only start on top but keep in control for most of the game. Against Norwich City, I though the Cherries did that in the main and kept the Canaries fairly much on the back foot for large parts of the match.  

At home the players are confidently trying to achieve that early dominance by getting up the wings quickly and testing teams with early crosses. It did not really materialise against West Ham when their midfield was just quicker and won more of the second balls. But for AFCB it is important that they get their passing going early as when they do they are a much more impressive side after they have started to zip the ball about for a few minutes. 
The Cherries take on Sunderland in confident mood.
Keeping on top has been a real headache for this team though this season. How often do we see that one goal is just not enough? In fact, AFCB have only have one 1-0 win in the league away to Chelsea. That was a late goal as well so when the team scores early it usually leads to more goals. When they fail to do that though they have to start to find ways of staying in games now if they are to pick up points along the way.

You can't be much more dominant than by winning 3-0 at home. Against a side that were also in the bottom six it is a massive boost to have been so much on top. There are more games to come where AFCB have to be determined to be as aggressive to subdue the opposition by snapping at their heels and keeping a high intensity. The Sunderland match is one of those games when the side will have to be on it. A defeat against Norwich would have put enormous pressure on the Cherries going into this next match, but with a solid win behind them they will be able to take those positives into the game while trying to work towards keeping a clean sheet again.

I think the West Ham defeat was a turning point. The disappointment of the way in which needless free kicks were given away fortified the players that they were not going to be naive again when they stepped out against Norwich and they'll have to be even stronger against a Sunderland side who have been playing well at home of late. 

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