Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The game swung away from AFCB

Harry Arter was very honest in saying that the team had no excuses for losing against West Ham. The quality that the Irons had from free kicks was amazing, but the players know that they gave away too many free kicks in dangerous places last night.

The performance of the team was somewhat lower than the standards that the side has set itself. It was a second half that really demonstrated why AFCB are where they are in the league and why West Ham are where they are. It was another game where the Cherries saw a lead turn into more points dropped and that was what was perhaps most disappointing aspect of the night. It was a game where they had gained control after a slow start and were ahead at half time. Arter's goal may have come out of the blue, but it was good to see that he is not afraid to have a shot from distance, and we saw a few players such as Daniels and Adam Smith also try their luck at times from range.
Ritchie sustained a dead leg but should be okay for the Norwich match, says Eddie Howe.
Like the wind though, the game quickly swung away from the Cherries in a second half that was not controlled by the team. I don't think any one individual was particularly at fault it was just that not enough individuals were winning their own battles and in the end West Ham's dominance resulted in goal opportunities which they took.

For once, making substitutes did not have any benefit. Ritchie was not having such a great game, but some have mentioned that his absence did not help the team from drop away in the second 45 minutes. Juan Iturbe came on in a highly pressured period of the game and he'll have much to learn on his defensive duties, but keeping the ball was a problem for the whole team and that did not give Juan much of a chance to see him going forward. 

The players need to get their heads around the things they need to do better though very quickly as the next games are coming up and AFCB have to get points on the board in those games. If AFCB need another five wins and a few draws, the games against Norwich and Sunderland are games that they should look to aim to get two of those wins in.


  1. As a West Ham fan, I read your take on AFCB's performance with interest. I thought your players did really well last night - made us look second best in every department in the first half - and if you play like that consistently this season, you'll start next season in this league. Don't give them too hard a time about fouls - they happen, and they'll learn. I for one hope you guys stay up - a proper honest team. All the best.

  2. I agre with the above you boys did really well first half on another day you could have got a second goal and we would have had a mountain to climb i reckon 3 more wins and a couple of draws and u will be ok and dont forget wilsonstill to come back 😊⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒