Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The Cherries are making waves in away games

None of the other teams in the bottom six are accumulating as many points as the Cherries in away games. The wins against West Ham, Chelsea and WBA have not been matched by those teams below the Cherries and its the ability to pick up points away from home as well as at Dean Court that could start to pull AFCB away from the bottom end of the table.

All through last season we saw how good the team was in visiting away grounds. Most teams feel up against it when they go to away grounds, but it doesn't seem to bother AFCB's players very, much at all. In fact I'd say the atmospheres where the home support is loudest like at Leicester, West Ham and Liverpool, the Cherries have put in some of their best performances. AFCB play to entertain and the larger the audience the more they seem to like these big occasions.
AFCB play their slick passing no matter where they turn up at Premier League grounds.
This season it has been more about being party poopers than being favourites and the players in Eddie's side don't seem to mind that. But as the season develops there is more respect being showered on the Cherries and certainly an element of appreciation from opposition teams in how the Cherries are going about their work. Claudio Ranieri is one of those that sees what Eddie and Jason have been doing at the club and did not expect an easy game. In fact, the Cherries are becoming a team that not many sides feel comfortable about playing.

We have seen some away games get away from AFCB though at Norwich, Man City and Southampton, but there were even times in the Arsenal game when the result was not secure before the second goal. I believe we can expect some further big performances against Spurs and Man Utd away but if you look at the table those are really the only two sides in the top 10 that could be considered excellent results if the Cherries can get something at those ground. Most of the top 10 the Cherries have played away from home already and with three big away games at Newcastle, Sunderland and Swansea still to come, there is potential to put a lot of points between the Cherries and the sides at the foot of the table.

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