Saturday, 9 January 2016

FA Cup match can keep positivity growing

It seems funny to think of the FA Cup as a bit of a side show instead of a main event these days. Yet, having reached the Premier League it is, as much as I hate to say it, an extra competition to enjoy rather than the competition that I was most excited about to watch as a young football fan. That does not mean that fans want managers to treat the cup with no respect but there is an understanding that clubs have to do what is in their best interests at this stage of the season. 
We're on our way to St Andrews.
A win through to the fourth round is what all fans want and if that is not possible then at least no new injuries are at least something that one can wish for. Progression brings extra rounds, but as the competition reaches the quarter and semi-finals I am sure there will be a change in attitude in my household and one or two others if AFCB are still involved. The cup is important for squad morale as well. If some of the players that are not getting a game regularly can't play in this competition, when can they get a look in?

There will be some players that are just pleased to be representing the club and trying to get Eddie to reconsider whether they should be more involved with Premier League matches and I don't see that as a bad thing. It's been a long time since reaching the sixth round in 1956/7 when AFCB went out to the Busby Babes and the fifth round again to Man Utd in 1988/89 - I wonder if we'd all get as excited to reach the new Wembley? Of course, we would. It would be amazing to make the semi-final or the final and, despite all the promotions, AFCB fans have kind of missed out on a day at Wembley.

More than anything, I hope the FA Cup this season gives the AFCB players a chance to show how far they have come as a football club. If they can get through the first few rounds it is possible to get some great draws, although a home draw would be nice for a change. There are not too many sides that the Cherries would struggle to feel confident of beating in a one-off game, so I'll be yelling the team on against Birmingham City and hoping they can get through. You never know, we might be able to go a few rounds without meeting Liverpool before the final!

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