Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Gosling is thriving at AFCB

People often ask who should be getting more credit for their performances in this AFCB side and it is a difficult question as they play so much as a team and while individuals go about their work and have their ups and downs it is not easy for individuals to always stand out in this team. Of late though I have thought that Dan Gosling has been playing some incredible football and deserves mention more often by pundits as he offers so much more than just high running stats.
Dan has been in-form all season.
Yes, the work energy of Dan is second to none and he has to be one the fittest players in the Premier League. He has had to get to that standard just to win a lace in the side. Total dedication is needed to be a part of this Bournemouth side and the fans are lucky that the players want to be at the top of the fitness and running charts.

Dan has added more than that to his game though. Playing in a five-man midfield he is getting forward and making more runs into the box where his real goalscoring talent is starting to shine through. Against Norwich it may seem surprising that he scored with a header, but Dan is a great timer of his runs and he has the instinct to always find that bit of space off of the back of defenders which is what players need at this level. 

Against Norwich, Dan played more to the right side of Harry Arter for a change and perhaps that small change has given him a different angle on things from the middle of the park. Sometimes a small change like that just gives players a little more reason to enjoy the game and work at things that were becoming stale and routine. Eddie Howe has Dan wanting the ball more now in this team and his vision and driving runs are starting to make him a candidate to be considered for a role in England's squad at the Euros. I don't see why Dan should not be among Roy Hodgson's thoughts and with a few more goals Dan is going to be hard to ignore.  

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