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Valencia's double and a Payet screamer hammer Cherries 1-3

Match Description
AFCB 1 v 3 West Ham Utd
12 January 2016
Attendance: 11,071

West Ham claimed three points and moved into the top five as Dimitri Payet and Enner Valencia conjured up a masterclass in free kick taking at the Vitality stadium.

Harry Arter hit first, putting the Cherries into an early lead to get his first Premier League goal of his career. AFCB had plenty of chances to enhance their lead in the first half with Afobe heading over and failing to take the ball when rounding the keeper, while Charlie Daniels hit a rasping shot that Adrian saved. 

Artur Boruc was also called upon to make saves from Jelavic and Payet as West Ham sought ways to get back into the game after Andy Carroll had to be subbed for a hamstring injury. Debuts came for Juan Iturbe and a second debut for Lewis Grabban in the second half, but West Ham's class tell with Dimitri Payet smashing in a free kick in the top corner and Valencia doubling the lead from close range. A third goal from Valencia again flew past Boruc and West Ham were on their way - a simply scintillating second half for them.

Eddie Howe resisted the chance to make too many changes to the starting 11, but Josh King was still feeling his hamstring and so Benik Afobe had the opportunity to make his debut. The paper work for Lewis Grabban and Juan Iturbe was completed in time to see them both included on the bench, but there was no Lee Tomlin or Yann Kermorgant in the squad.

West Ham brought Dimitri Payet and Obiang into the Hammer's side, but there was no Kouyate, Lanzini or Ogbonna. 
The Cherries came up against one of the better
sides they have played at Dean Court last night.
Match Description listening to BBC Solent
Noble has a shot and shoots just over! A mistake by Francis who headed it right to him. AFCB are settling down and the ball just runs out for an AFCB goal kick. 

Antonio and AFCB scramble the ball away. Cresswell loses out to Francis. Arter has lost possession. It's frantic and no team is keeping hold of the ball. Arter gives a free kick away.  Noble now wins a throw.

Afobe can't hold of the ball and its back with Adrian.  Adam Smith fouls Antonio.

Payet tries to link up with Valencia. Noble and Valencia. West Ham are setting the pace at the moment. Ogbonna gets a header away. Smith tries to find Gosling.

"It's very tactical," says Willo. Eight minutes gone. Carroll is past Cook and tries to get the ball to Antonio but it's out for a goal kick with Francis covering at the near post. Carroll is looking strong holding off Daniel. Now Carroll is holding his hamstring though.

He's off the field. Afobe makes a turn and finds Smith. Surman plays the ball back.Cook and Stanislas down the left but Tomkins makes the tackle.

Steve Cook comes forward and Stanislas looks for Afobe. Gosling and Ritchie - his ball is blocked. Smith does some defending now and Ritchie gets a challenge in on Antonio. Jelavic comes on to replace Carroll with 14 minutes gone.

Smith looks for Afobe who holds the ball up. Francis cross-field ball and Arter is challenged and it's a goal kick to West Ham. AFCB are getting more into the game now. Smith heads forward and Ogbonna gives away a throw. 

Noble and Ritchie are blowing the pace is so quick. Harry Arter shoots from distance and it's 1-0 to the Cherries. The keeper has a nightmare. It flicked his wrists back and the ball went straight in.

Arter gets his first Premier League goal, checking back on to his right and striking a firm low shot the bottom left corner.

Smith is taking a corner. Smith to Ritchie and Afobe - over the cross bar! Just six yards out the header went over. Gosling driving through the middle. Afobe and Smith and Ritchie look for support. Arter to Stanislas and Daniels - good save by Adrian. Surman drives through and Noble covers. Daniels was unlucky with his shot, Adrian stuck out an arm and pushed it away!

Collins back to Adrian who was under pressure. Arter through to Afobe was onside but the chance has gone. Some 23 minutes gone. Valencia is offside. Gosling to Smith who shoots from distance but it's lumped down field by West Ham.

Antonio is held up. Payet now on his left and Boruc sees the ball out for a goal kick. "The Cherries have not score between minutes 28-52 this season," says Kris Temple - Eeek!

Afobe on the right side of the box wins a throw. Smith one two with Ritchie but Noble gets in and gets the ball back to the keeper, 29 minutes gone. Smith now with Obiang in chase. Afobe falls over., nothing given.

Stansilas down the left, but the ball goes behind Gosling to Collins. Noble finds Jelavic offside. Stanislas with Arter and Tomkins gets a tackle in. 

Stanislas again. Afobe is on side around the keeper but he's left the ball behind. His touch let him down and he stood on the ball which enabled Adrian to recover the ball - big chance. Boruc and Francis get themselves into a pressure situation unnecessarily.

Payet plays too straight a ball which goes through to Boruc. Daniels and Arter get themselves into a sticky spot. Gosling driving forward and Ritchie to his right. Surman and Ritchie again. AFCB keeping possession. 

Valencia and Noble, Tomkins up to Cresswell. Payet and Jelavic in space deflected and a good save from Boruc. It was a cross come shop that had Boruc going the wrong way but the keeper made a fine save as it could have crept in at the near post. 

Corner to West Ham. Tomkins heads it on to the roof of the net. Collins perhaps got  in his way there. Seven minutes to half time.  Gosling is held back by Noble, Stanislas and Arter may shoot but can't get space and Stanislas loses the ball.

Afobe takes a knock and stays down. He's back up. Three and a half minutes to half time.  Cook gets away from Antonio. Daniels now. Tomkins shadows Stanislas. West Ham have the ball. Arter picks the ball up and finds Smith who gets in front of Cresswell but the ball is out.

The wind is really swirling around. Smith again on the ball. West Ham break forward though. Surman caught in possession and Payet to the edge of the area and Payet shoots, but Boruc makes a good save to push it over the bar - corner. Two minutes of added time. AFCB make a good clearance.

Cook heads in front of Valencia. Tomkins does well. Daniels gives a corner away after Antonio displayed his pace. Payet takes. Francis heads high and Boruc claims the ball. It's half time 1-0 to AFCB and they shaded possession 52% to 48%.

Second Half
AFCB now kicking towards the Steve Fletcher stand. West Ham have it with Payet who wins a corner. Matt Ritchie has gone down. He's back up. Collins back out. In comes the cross and Smith heads away. Anotnio gets a shot away but it's wide.

Matt Ritchie is down again and has a problem. Juan Iturbe comes on the pitch for Ritchie who is limping. He is left footed but goes out on the right wing - Harry Redknapp is looking on. Jelavic has the ball and Obiang who tries to play Valencia in but it's over hit.

Arter is now down with an arm from Obiang. Arter holds his head, but not a lot in that. Valencia is in and plays it sideways to Francis - made a right mess of that he was on side! Noble tries a shot and Gosling blocks. AFC break but Adrian gets his glove on it.

West Ham up the other end but Boruc drops safely on a cross. End to end now. Iturbe and Gosling. Daniels down the left. Arter shoots but it's blocked.

Obiang and Valencia with 10 minutes gone. Noble to Cresswell. Payet to Velencia and Ogbonna. Gosling almost gets Afobe in but Tomkins s there.  Stanislas is over to the right now and Iturbe on the left.  

Payet runs at Smith and Francis heads away. Collins has the ball. Cook with a poor clearance. Payet is onside. Smith releases Stanislas. Good challenge from Ogbonna. Gosling and Stanislas crosses Collins and Afobe heads, Arter on the Volley into the ground but it's five yards wide.

Valencia has a shot that's well wide when he had players on wither side. Tomkins comes off and Jenkinson is coming on. A bit more pace to keep up with "Juan Turbo," as Willo calls him.

Iturbe does some defending but its a corner. Short to Noble but Surman is alert. Stanislas and Jenkinson rescues it. 17 minutes of the second half gone. West Ham play it in to Jelavic but the ball spins out. 

Antonio takes on Daniels. Smith is baulked and the ball is out of play. Grabban is coming on. Poor clearance. Iturbe and Arter gets the pass wrong. Daniels on a run, Arter over plays it.

Afobe and Arter. Stanislas in support. Gosling on his right foot, powered away by Adrian.  Antonio running at Francis and Smith rugby tackles him - yellow card. Payet's left foot - 30 yards out . It's in under the bar. "A curler into the top left corner! 1-1 - brilliant, top draw," says Willo. Boruc could not get anywhere near it.

A quarter of the game remaining - 67 minutes gone. What do you do to stop that? Surman finds Afbe who holds off Collins. Payet has it. Noble on half way. Jenkinson is away and Steve Cook diverts the ball out for a corner.

West Ham try a header but AFCB clear. Grabban is getting ready to make his second debut for Benik Afobe.  Big cheers for Lewis Grabban on his 28th birthday.  Gosling and Noble has it. Arter and Iturbe. Finds Grabban and Arter to Adam Smith and Antonio gets a foot on it. 

Jenkinson and Itube tracks back. West Ham try and play the ball trough to Antonio but the wind takes the ball away. Payet has it again, 16 minutes to go. Payet to the byline and Valencia scores to make it 1-2. Daniels slipped and the ball went for a throw. It was a simple finish from the six yard line on 75 minutes.

Francis down the right. Grabban gets a cross in and Collins volleys out. Gosling is forced back to half way. Payet is going off and Alex Song comes on, wearing some kind of glasses- 12 minutes remaining.

Jelavic breaks and bring in Valencia who has his first goal of the season now. Song to Valencia on the left. Jelavic is up on his own now with Jelavic on the wing.

Harry Arter comes off and Glenn Murray comes on. Grabban drops back in the hole." Juan Iturbe goes where he likes," says Willo. Daniels to Stanislas they want a handballl. Gosling and Murray has it - Adrian is there . Ogbonna was hit but his arm was in front of his body.

Cook has his heels clipped. Antonio shows too much to Francis. Grabban and Cresswell wins a free kick.  Free kick to West Ham as Antonio goes down. Edge of the box. Valencia takes the kick over the wall and it's in. That beat Boruc on his near post. It looked like Boruc thought it was going wide as he did not move! A curios goal but it's 1-3.

"How a game can unravel," says Temple. 85 minutes gone and West Ham have this now. Here is Stanislas and the ball hist the post! It's a corner. Another corner. Adrian punches and gets the foul.

Dan Gosling wins man of the match from the sponsors. Collins brings it away. Stanislas and Daniels who fires it in but it does not reach Murray. Smith now and Iturbe shoots and tipped away by Adrian. Corner and Collins heads away.

Smith hits a pot shot, high ad wide. Iturbe skips away from challenges. West Ham throw. There's the whistle 1-3, defeat for the Cherries.

A tough defeat, but West Ham were the stringer side. AFCB have to find their strongest formation now and see if they can get a few more players on top form. Free kicks are still the danger for the Cherries and it might be that they have to try and do all they can to avoid them in and around the box as in this league there are players that can just fire shots in from 30 yards. Missed chances were the real blow though when AFCB were 1-0 they didn't make their dominance pay. At 2-0 it could have been a very different story, but West Ham came out extremely strong in the second half and showed that they are a top six side.

Boruc, Francis, Cook, Gosling, Surman, Arter (Murray 80), Daniels, Smith, Stanislas, Afobe (Grabban 72), Ritchie (Iturbe 50)

Cherries' Subs
Federici, Distin, O'Kane, Pugh, Grabban, Murray, Iturbe.

West Ham
Adrian, Tomkins (Jenkinson 61), Collins, Ogbonna, Cresswell, Obiang, Noble (c), Antonio, Payet (Song 78), Valencia, Carroll (Jelavic 15)

West Ham Subs
Randolph, Reid, Song, Jenkinson, Jelavic, Oxford, Cullen

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