Sunday, 24 January 2016

Grabban's miss may yet benefit AFCB

We have all seen how much Norwich fans enjoyed the moment of seeing Lewis Grabban miss his chance of glory and a late winner at Sunderland for AFCB. I suppose seeing their team lose to Liverpool in a thriller they were pleased to grab hold of something and Lewis provided the perfect opportunity for them to mock something.
Grabban is still waiting to get a shot on target.
I do wonder how Lewis managed to make such a mistake when clean through. Thinking about how he was going to celebrate may have been all it took for him to take his mind off the job at hand and to steer the ball so wide, when it appeared that he had to make Vito Mennone make a save as he came tearing out of goal to try and close Lewis down.

I notice that Lewis has been very quiet on the social media unlike Mr Tomlin. He knows when he should keep his head down, but as an AFCB player who got himself into a good shooting position but did not find the net we should not be too despondent on such a miss. It may even work out in AFCB's favour if it ensures that Lewis is now fired up to do much better with the next chance he gets. Lewis knows he needs to score to be a success and he'll not like being no 2 in the pecking order behind Benik Afobe at the moment.

So far from being displeased with Lewis Grabban, AFCB fans may find it was just the incident that will get him working even harder to succeed. If there was a part of his game that always needed a bit of improvement it was his ability to beat a keeper one-on-one. He usually got at least one chance like that a game when AFCB were in League One and the Championship and he probably scored on about 50 per cent of those occasions. At this level he'll have to up that ratio if he wants to be challenging for any starts and at least he knows he can't be overly confident has more work to do to get his game in the best shape for the upcoming games.

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