Saturday, 20 May 2017

AFCB players are under 24 hour watch these days

There is no escaping the world's eyes when you are an AFCB football star. If Tyrone Mings thought he could let his hair down in Dublin without thinking of the consequences of posting a par night out on social media, then he will soon find out he has made a mistake. Eddie Howe seemed cautious of any blame though until he is aware of all the details and it seems these days hat as Wayne Rooney found out to his cost that people judge you on the images alone.
Tyrone just may have put one foot or may be two out of line this season.
I don't ant to see players cooped up in hotel rooms though afraid of enjoying themselves once in a while just because they belong to my favourite football club. A few might well be more out going than others and how the manager phrases a few days off to the players is something perhaps that clubs need to look at if players are getting themselves into trouble on social media. Tyrone has had a difficult season and was playing well up to his five match ban from the Man Utd match and he has had to sit out the rest of the season. Wearing a Gary Barlow mask though is hardly reason for being locked up and I guess there is more to the Ireland trip than is detailed in the Echo.

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Eddie Howe shows great trust in his squad though to let them relax in the week before their final game of the season and while many did apparently come in as normal and train with him, it only takes one bad report to give the club a bad image. I think what is tolerated now is far less than might have been the case back in the 1970s or 80s but young players are aware of the rules on how to behave today and have to consider that.

Some times it is good to switch off and think of something else to enjoy rather than playing football every day. The Premier League is intense and pressurised, even if the pay is out of this world. I think the players have done a good job this season, so I hope the club also considers that when players just fail to remember who that are and who they represent for a second.

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