Thursday, 11 May 2017

Does it matter to fans if AFCB finish above the Saints?

While I expect it would mean nothing to Saint's fans if AFCB topped them in the table, I would expect the Cherries to be very proud of getting one over on their near-rivals if they can surpass them. It is currently an outside shot, but there is certainly a chance that Southampton could finish below Bournemouth if they find it hard in their remaining games against Middlesbrough, Man Utd and Stoke. The best that the Saint's can do is to finish nine points higher and even that would mean the gap between the two sides has shrunk massively from the 21 point and 10 place difference of last season.
The Saints came out on top at Dean Court, but there is a
chance that AFCB can rise above them in the table.
If the Cherries needed an incentive to beat Burnley and Leicester, you have it right there. The league will have the addition of Brighton next season and it is important that AFCB don't find themselves being overlooked on the south coast. Things are going to get more complicated, and this season could be the best chance for the Cherries to see themselves ahead of the Saints in the table. While Southampton have taken four of the six points on offer between the sides, I'm sure AFCB fans can see that the Saints have been in the top tier far longer and that it is amazing that the Cherries have snuck up on the so quickly.

Bragging rights have belonged to the Saints, but it would be a bit annoying for the Saints to be wondering how AFCB have caught them up. No doubt they would point to the league cup and the Europa League which have extended their season, but the Premier League is the bread and butter and perhaps the Saints ave taken their eye off the ball a bit this season in that respect. They still have a six goal lead and a match in hand of course, but we have seen Sunderland, who were already relegated, go and beat Hull City last week, perhaps Middlesbrough could do AFCB a favour.

The league table will show if AFCB are worthy of a top half finish or not at the end of the day, and that will be the real motivation for a strong finish now. But come on, admit it, how many of you were please to see the Saints slipped up at home to Arsenal last night to give AFCB a slight shot at finishing above them?

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