Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Bournemouth's magic formula revealed

Eddie Howe was coy on being asked how it was that a team like AFCB can survive in the Premier League, when a side like Sunderland with far greater resources and fans can fall into the Championship. He may have prodded the words 'hard work' and 'attitude' as the main reasons behind AFCB's success, but Eddie is too polite and modest to sound his own trumpet and add 'motivation' to his secret list.

The quotes that adorn Dean Court in the player's areas are not often seen by the fans and the supporters are not party to the encouragement and friendship of the supportive arms that are frequently required to help shoulder some of the burden that professional footballers need, when they feel that nothing is going right for them. But Eddie is a past master of this and his bond with everyone of his squad is special to him which makes it very personal and a respectful working relationship for every player - be they a youth team member, U21 player or senior professional. 
Eddie Howe keeps proving his doubters wrong.
It's easy to set targets of where a club wants to be at the end of the season, but it is another challenge to actually achieve that target or even surpass it. Howe has shown he can deliver even when some fans have doubted his ability to manage at the top level and each season he is gaining more experience and getting used to managing the different aspects of the Premier League as well as nurturing the talent at the club.

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It's not all down to Eddie Howe as he'll be first to admit, but what comes naturally for him in saying the right things at the right time and not always being easy on players, but understanding them and pushing them when they are not coming up to scratch is something that he obviously balances very well. Eddie sets the standard and it's up to the players, and every one at the club to try and do as well as Eddie, in their own separate spheres that is an appealing quality, that drives that bit extra out of people at AFCB. Above all, they are a family at AFCB and win lose or draw, it's about sharing that experience that pulls in the crowds every week.

We may not be a big club yet, in many peoples' mind, but AFCB have got the formula right in many essential areas ,and the desire to get better in every aspect is what I so love about this club.

In other news, AFCB U21's lose Senior Hampshire Cup Final in penalty shoot out to Basingstoke.

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  1. Teams like Eddie Howe's Bournemouth is what football is about. Man U can pay 100 million for a footballer but that isn't why they won the hearts of millions 20 years ago. Football is about passion not money. Sure 100 million can buy you a technically gifted footballer but the difference between 20 mill and 100 mill is much smaller than the difference good chemistry and hard work can bring.