Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Artur Boruc can afford a smile when he greets Asmir Begovic

The signing of Asmir Begovic will certainly add some competition for Arter Boruc in AFCB's goal. The two keepers come together having had shared an incident when Asmir played for Stoke City and Artur was in goal for Southampton in 2013, when Asmir managed to score by kicking the ball the length of the pitch. It was a fluke of course, but I wonder if the goalkeeping union allows Artur Boruc to have forgiven and forgotten about such a goal?
Asmir Begovic at Dean Court for Chelsea.
Artur Boruc won player of the season at AFCB this year so he will start as favourite to retain the No1 shirt and knowing that he is up against Asmir Begivic will probably give him even more incentive to stay ahead of the Bosnian. It was windy that day and Boruc saw the funny side of it, but I guess at least if Asmir is on the same side as Artur he won't put too many more past him unless it is in training.

Asmir Begovic had a short loan spell for the Cherries in 2007 when he was a Portsmouth player, but it was at Stoke City where he really made his name and got the transfer to Chelsea. Two years with just 19 appearances for the Stamford Bridge Champions and he will feel that he has been almost out of the game in the last two seasons. Now he has a challenge where he can get games if Boruc is not fully on top of his game or if the Polish keeper has any more back troubles. Asmir may even feel he can play better than Boruc this summer and snatch the shirt away from Boruc.


AFCB needed a keeper to push Boruc. We have seen Boruc up his game this season but with Begovic also pushing we may see the goals against column coming down. It will probably take Begovic a while to get used to the AFCB style at the back, but I have no doubt that Begovic is a top keeper and he is a super addition to the team.

The price-tag of £10m is a tad high for a keeper that hasn't played much in the last two seasons but it isn't easy to pick up a full international keeper at 29-years-old for much less. The experience that he'll also bring will no doubt help the back four and give them a different perspective on some things and how to position themselves for set-pieces.

In other news, it is great to see that AFCB are making efforts to be Premier League compliant regarding the disability access and seating with some major changes this summer to Dean Court.

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  1. Fantastic Goalkeeper well underrated and i would be very surprised if he isn't your Number 1 within 6-9 months got everything sorts the defence out with ease
    Good luck and well done in the premiership can't see you going anywhere but up with the way you are going. Stoke city fc.