Sunday, 28 May 2017

It's scary how far the club has come

Ryan Allsop made the comment that it was "Scary how far the club has come. He has been at the club since its days in League One and while he has not played as much in recent seasons, he has managed to keep the manager's favour to have his contract renewed. He might have felt a bit in the shadows, but Ryan plays an important role in training and supporting his team-mates, and is one of the players who know it is incredible what the club has achieved so far.
Ryan Allsop has done well just to stay with AFCB as it has moved up the leagues.
I am currently in Canada as I write this blog and even here there is every bar showing highlights of the European football matches and following transfer news for the English Premier League as it unfolds. The Cherries may not get the air time of other clubs in the division abroad, but there are people here who certainly know of Eddie Howe and AFC Bournemouth. 

The essence of any club is in the players that go and train weekly and go out on to the pitch and perform and we have seen our players excel again, season on season which makes it hard for us to remember now when the club made a backward step. There have been mistakes, but the general progression of the club is still heading upwards, and I am actually surprised that more players have not been left behind as signposts on a trail of footballers that didn't quite manage to keep pace with the regime at AFCB. Yet, AFCB's squad has not been significantly trimmed in recent seasons and as the payments go up there is every likelihood that the Cherries will be able to make decisions on keeping one or two more players that it might have shed in previous seasons, at least in the U21 squad as they can probably afford to do it.

Rather than worrying how the next bill will be paid, the focus is on the pitch and delivering the best teams. This has already manifested itself in trying to keep hold of the players that got the club to this lofty status and I see Steve Cook has committed his future to the club until the summer of 2021 by which time he could well be captaining the side in Europe and in a new stadium. How times are changing! UTCIAD!

In other news. Frankie Vincent signs for AFCB's U21s

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