Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Is Eddie your manager of the season?

The Premier League have included Eddie Howe in their short list for Premier League manager of the season. You can vote for Eddie here, before the end of Wednesday night. He has some well qualified other nominees and while I find such votes difficult to get a true reflection of how well a manager has really done, it must be a big honour for Eddie to find himself included in the final six names.
Eddie is in the frame for manager of the season.
What is more important is that Eddie Howe is being recognised for having done a good job at the club and he will admit that it is a team effort. While he continues to be included in such poles, his profile of course is being continually raised by the media. He may actually rather just be thinking about the next game and I'd put money on it that he is doing exactly that. Awards are great and I hope that Eddie wins lots more of them in the Premier League, but I would expect that he wouldn't want to win such an award unless he one some silverware with the club.
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That would be a huge leap in the achievements of the club and Eddie Howe's challenge is to change the mentality now of everyone at the club and the fans to believe that AFCB can get to a final or compete well the very best teams in the league on a more regular basis. That is a massive job of course, especially when you think that Tottenham have played so well this season but are destined to end the season without any title or silverware. For AFCB, keeping the club in the Premier League has been what it has always been about. But now the club is going to have a mid-table finish, can Eddie Howe be satisfied with that or does he and the club want more?

Eddie sets his own standards and his own goals. He may not tell anyone how high he believes he can get his team to finish at the start of the season, but he'll certainly set a standard that gives the club a manger to be proud of. Even if AFCB had been relegated the fans would know it would not be for a lack of effort from the manager or the players. Others who have fan bases far larger than AFCB's will take the awards, but we still have Eddie and that is like a trophy every year we have him at the club for me.

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