Friday, 26 May 2017

AFCB went into the last game with real focus

I was impressed with the way the team went at it against Leicester City, even with an AFCB side that was slightly reduced in experience from a normal Premier League game. It was a big call to start with Andrew Surman and Dan Gosling ,in central midfield with, them both coming back from injuries at the same time, and to play Ryan Gosling in goal and to keep Josh King out of the starting line up was not what was expected.
Matt Worthington No58 alongside Sam Surridge No44 at Leicester.
Eddie Howe probably really didn't want to make a lot of changes, but he couldn't have played too many unfit players. Still, it was a gamble to take the players he did to Leicester that and it must be pleasing for the players that did play that they knew the standards they had to get to. AFCB's focus was clearly to  establish an early lead, while keeping Mahrez and Vardy starved of possession.

It might have worked too, had Leicester not been so resilient and knowledgeable that AFCB really needed the season to end with their injuries mounting. But Leicester came on very strong in the second half, and it was fortunate that Islam Slimani was just having a bad day in front of gal. The chance to give Matt Worthington into the action, I would suggest, was more forced on Eddie Howe than any inspired desire to play any youngsters. The lads focus was on making this feel like any other game though for Matt.

AFCB as a whole had to try and cling on tho their advantage, but the goal they conceded actually stimulated them into coming forward again. Looking at the goal's conceded this season, which was the same as last season in the end (67), I'd say that it was another game where AFCB found themselves in that awkward position, as to whether to commit more men forward or not at times. 

Once the games was level though it really became any one's match. This is where the real progress in the side is seen, in it's ability to pull themselves out of difficult situations. Going all-square gave AFCB a determination and more impetuous not to lose, and they did the chasing down well enough that Jordan Ibe might even have won it.

In other news Steve Cook signs a contract extension to the summer of 2021. The Bournemouth Echo also reports that the AFCB U21 have signed central midfielder Frankie Vincent a former Barnet player on a one-year deal.

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  1. I was there. Great first half and shame the stamina couldn't hold out for a win. Nevertheless a very satisfactory way to end the season and here's to next year.
    Also great that a Hollywood star could play in goal for us; good on Ryan Gosling!