Monday, 31 December 2018

Conceding early was a big issue at Old Trafford

Bournemouth didn't get started at Old Trafford just like they fell behind early against Spurs. It is important for the team to get themselves up an running early on and competing with these big teams, but when they find themselves down a goal in the first five to 15 minutes, it deflates the players and most of the pre-match planning needs to be reconsidered.
Begovic was kept busy at Old Trafford from the first few minutes.

Adapting to the situation is perhaps what AFCB are finding hard to do when things are not going as they had planned. The setbacks can galvanise teams like we saw with Wolves recently against Spurs, but Bournemouth are going into their shell when they fall behind and not trusting in themselves to recover the situation.

We have seen Asmir Begovic pull off some great saves, but even he can't stop a storm of shots coming at him which was what it's bee like in the last few weeks. Protecting Begovic has to be the goal of the team now for the next few games. It may mean a less expansive game for a few matches but there is nothing wrong in trying to keep the opposition out just to get the team back on its feet. Once the team can get a solid half behind it, then we can start to ask them to be a bit more expressive.

At the moment the Cherries are tripping themselves up at the back and the forward players are rushing their chances knowing that every small chance counts in a tam that is conceding so frequently. It is all about relieving the pressure on players at the moment and getting them to do what they are good at again. Starting the game not being a goal down in the first 10 minutes has to be the first step to the road to recovery.

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