Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Adam Smith - just full of running

The reappearance of Adam Smith against Norwich City was perhaps a bit ahead of time. At least I hadn't expected for him to be back for the Norwich game, but he was absolutely full of running and we saw that it was Jack Stacey who was going to miss out.
Adam Smith didn't hold back against Norwich City.
Eddie Howe certainly thinks very highly of Adam and I don't think there was another player that would have run more yards that Smudge at the weekend. He was everywhere. I was only disappointed when he had that shot in the second half, coming from an offside position to go so close with a chip that sped narrowly over the right had corner of Norwich's goal. Callum Wilson had made the little pass to set Adam Smith on his way, but the offside flag was always going to go up.


At the back, I also though Adam was strong in the tackle and didn't show any trouble in lasting the 90 minutes with plenty of forward runs up the wing. It will have given Smith a chance to play with Harry Wilson, and yet I don't think either of them got anywhere near the amount of crosses that Diego Rico was able to put in from the left wing. So there is something for Adam Smith and Harry Wilson to work on.

It was harsh on Stacey not to get into the squad, as I don't think he did much wrong in his previous few games. But Adam Smith is clearly the number one in the right-back spot, and if Eddie thought he was fit enough to start then you can see why he made that choice.

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