Friday, 11 October 2019

Jekyll and Hyde AFCB

Eddie Howe referred to AFCB's performance at the Emirates as being 'Jekyll and Hyde'. The real baffling thing was to work out why the team were on the back foot from the start and not fully doing their jobs when Arsenal scored. Eddie will also question why at half-time the team cold get itself together and come out and play so well in the second half. Do Bournemouth need a shock to the system to start performing?
Fraser didn't get much pitch time against Arsenal,
but he made the most of it creating chances.
Eddie Howe felt that in the second half he had seen on of Bournemouth's best ever performances at Arsenal. I am not sure I could go that far, as the team failed to score, but it certainly created plenty of opportunities to score. Eddie kind of indicated that the team gave Arsenal too much respect and having only beaten Arsenal once, I still wonder if the players have a bit of an inferiority complex against the traditional top six teams. It is something they have to try and conquer.


Callum Wilson said that the team try and go out and just play the players in front of them without thinking what team it is that they are playing. But in their heads they still have the thought that this is a team that usually beats them and perhaps this is not the way to think about a game if you are trying to win it. Going to a stadium where you have never one should be a challenge not something to fear.

AFCB are all about beating records and if they want to take that on they need to start believing they can beat teams like Arsenal. It is a huge mental leap and in terms of finances and crowd support Arsenal are far ahead of AFCB. So, are we expecting to much of the team? Perhaps we are, but what is hard to understand is how the team can put in a Jekyll and Hyde performance against such big teams when they so easily could have got something out of the game.

In other news, Ryan Fraser ran for 68 minutes for Scotland before being subbed in the 4-0 defeat to Russia, while Harry Wilson had to wait until the 66th minute to get on for Wales in a 1-1 draw against Slovakia. AkΓ© was an unused sub as expected for Holland against Northern Ireland which the Dutch won 3-1.

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