Monday, 28 October 2019

Are AFCB the new draw specialists?

It hasn't been a highly memorable month in October for the Cherries. The two goalless draws against Norwich and Watford have slowed the momentum after the great wins against Everton and Southampton, and yet the Cherries are still sitting in the top 10.
AFCB are finding it difficult to turn clean sheets into wins.
All the clubs are finding points hard to come by, if they are not in the top six. While Bournemouth are struggling to find form, that can also be said for clubs like Everton, Man Utd, Spurs and Watford who have traditionally finished higher than AFCB. The annoying thing about the two recent draws AFCB have had is that they have had chances to win those games. The goal have dried up at both ends and while that is good from the defence, AFCB are lacking something in the final third.


How Bournemouth could do with David Brooks returning. We may have to wait a bit longer yet. But not being able to beat the bottom team was perhaps a blow for the team. You could hear it in Adam Smith's post match interview, he expected better. The conditions at Vicarage Road were not conducive for great football and neither team was unable to get a real grip of the game, so I don't think a draw was unfair.


If we had seen a goal at Watford, then it probably would have opened up and it is getting that early first goal where AFCB have not been making progress. Bournemouth have either failed to score or scored second in their last four games. You have to go back to the Southampton win in September to find a game where Bournemouth got the early goal. If the team can start to improve in that area then perhaps they can start getting more then a point in a game.

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