Thursday, 3 October 2019

Diego Rico - most improved player?

The need to replace Charlie Daniels at left-back has been a never ending challenge it would seem for Eddie Howe. He may have thought that Lloyd Kelly was the solution this summer, but when Charlie Daniels was unfortunate to get injured against Everton, it was Diego Rico that was given the first opportunity to make a mark and he has been terrific of late.
Rico is on the right path.
Looking back at the matches against Southampton and West Ham, I'd have to say I can't put my finger on a more improved player that Diego. He has realised that he can't afford to make sloppy passes and waste his time pushing up the left wing, if he is going to plough an aimless cross out of play. He has been more thoughtful in his play, and is really starting to be one of the players that has initiated a better tempo about the team.

What I also like about Diego now is that he hasn't lost any of his work rate. He can't help but show you a how hard he is working when trying to get back into position to make blocks. We have had to wait a long time for Rico to make his way into the team, but I'm very glad that Eddie Howe has managed to make the signing work. When you look at what happened with Brad Smith, it was becoming a position where no player could quite live up to the performances of Charlie Daniels.

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Now Rico is making the position his own. He made some vital decisions against West Ham when Aké and Steve Cook were almost undone and his covering has been a big asset. He has also provided an assist or two and his corner crossing is also causing opposition teams problems.

It's like Diego knew that he had to make this period count. He has had a tough time and to start performing as he has is great to see, but let's hope he can keep it up.

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