Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Still moaning about VAR?

There are going to be problems with the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system this season. We just have to go with it now I suppose. The Cherries have already been the wrong side of it a few times, and even when Bournemouth did benefit against West Ham United with Josh King's goal it was such a long delay that the celebrations felt rather muted in the end at least for me.
Did you celebrate AFCB's goals without 
a flicker of a worry if it would be stuck off?
I am one of those fans who want to jump up an shout whenever the Cherries score a goal. I can't hold the excitement back, it's impulsive and just a reaction to seeing my side achieve what they have been working so hard for. But getting used to seeing a goal scored and having to wait to see if at first VAR is going to check - and yes, it always does - and then waiting to see if we can celebrate, seems to take all the excitement out of the initial moment when one of our players scores.

I guess it is early days and perhaps VAR needs to be more entertaining in how it is seen in the ground. We need to get the replays on screen and build the tension and get some audio of what VAR is looking at. That's how they do it in cricket. The whole stadium knows when the umpire is looking at a certain view for a reason. Football is a participation sport for the fans as well as the players and the global TV audience. This is what the rule makers haven't really considered when they wanted to introduce VAR. It was handled very well during the World Cup, but I have to admit it's been a botch job in the Premier League.

It's funny how the fans call for consistency with refereeing and that is what many thought we would get with VAR. It's not VAR that is really the problem though. It is doing what it was set up for, making calls black and white. It's the implementation of it and the interpretation of those rules - the human factor- which is causing most of the problems.

Through gritted teeth we have to see things through with VAR. I've kept away from it for as long as I can this season, but I'm not confident that AFCB won't have further reasons to be annoyed with VAR this season.


  1. Peter, totally agree with all you say. The fans in the MacDougall stand cannot see the screen, the limited VAR information is not transmitted to them. I would suggest that the Premier League invests with the PL 4 screens per ground and engage with the fans as you describe. You are not alone in the feeling in the "euphoria being lost - or worse on hold". many friends and season ticket holders are saying that for broadcast games you are better off at home watching the TV as you get the action replays and VAR televised though still in a sanitary way compared to cricket. Why can we not be more radical and take a lesson from Rugby and Mic up the ref. All decisions could be explained, why play has been interrupted, foul, bookings, VAR, etc etc. This would lead to better discipline from the players, "the bench", technical area... and possibly wider. Foul language used to be an applied caution offence, BUT the players including our own heroes need to respect the ref/officials and by mic-up RESPECT would be easier to instil.Potentially the issue of player - player racism too could be assisted with this approach.The current head in the sands approach to VAR is not enough and the current implementation is just a start. My feeling so far in the implementation of VAR, yes it has helped in the "Black and White" interpretation of the Laws of the Game - however limited the technology is (position of the cameras - frame rate [between frames players could be onside], that some of the Laws of the Game need exploring/implemented and modified. Two come to mind, Penalties - shirt tugging / holding down opponents and defenders handling the ball (not awarded) v attackers "brushing" the ball inevitably no goal - free kick. Offside, where rules need desperately reviewing, with advantage given back to attackers - this is an entertainment business, goals should bring elation and not premature disappointment!

    1. Totally agree with previous post on VAR and as for Dean Court we need screens in all 4 corners it's really stopping anyone in TedMcD understanding any decision.