Tuesday, 8 October 2019

An early goal kills AFCB at Arsenal again

Eddie Howe said it through gritted teeth I think. Bournemouth let a soft goal in during the first 10 minutes, because he mentioned that they could not afford a start like that before the game. He was right, it took all of the first half to recover from that. It was a huge step back in conceding the first goal and the Cherries didn't react well enough early on in the game.
Eddie Howe knew an early goal against AFCB would be trouble.
The corner itself was driven towards the near post and if Bournemouth were zonal marking they didn't get tight enough to David Luiz who seamed to get away from Callum Wilson and had a clear header to pass Ramsdale unopposed. The clean sheet just doesn't seem to be coming and yet AFCB didn't look like conceding a second goal all game.


That is the Premier League. One mistake and it cost AFCB three points. The more worrying part of the first half for me was that AFCB were second to every ball and they never really found it easy during the first half to win tackles.


Bournemouth were closer to Arsenal in the second half and could have got something from the game, but there was no confidence in the finishing. It sometimes takes a defeat like this to get the players up for the next game and AFCB's players will have a fortnight to reflect on a missed opportunity to get their first win at Arsenal.

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