Tuesday, 1 October 2019

What's inside 'Eddie Had A Dream'?

I have already been receiving interest about my book launch of 'Eddie Had A Dream'. I'm glad to hear that initial expression has been positive, but I thought I could give you a bit more information as the ebook is now available to pre-order.

The book has a 25-year coverage from 1994-2019 and while I would have liked to include this current season, I had to stop somewhere! A list of the chapters is given below.

Cover image of the paperback version of Eddie Had A Dream, soon to be released.
And yes, there is a paperback issue coming out as well and is 224 pages in length. It will be subject to Amazon's choosing for a release date, so I cannot say exactly when it will be available yet, but should be in October. I thought I could at least show you a picture of the cover pages (sorry, it includes my ugly mug!).

About the Author

Julia’s House
1. Our special one 
2. The early playing years 
3. Captain fantastic (1999-2002) 
4. Playershare power and financial worries (2002-07) 
5. A modern coach (2007-19) 
6. Minus 17 (2008-09) 
7. We come from League Two (2009-10) 
8. Farewell to the Cherries (2010-11) 
9. Dressed in Claret (2011-12) 
10. The homecoming (2012-13) 
11. Championship highs (2013-15) 
12. We are Premier League! (2015 - 2019) 
13. The next game 
14. Bibliography

The £9.99 ebook can be pre-ordered at Amazon for immediate download on 14 October 2019. I am hastily trying to finish the final elements to finish the £13.49 paperback version, so that it will hopefully be available to buy from 14 October 2019, or soon after, but it will not be available to pre-order. The ebook will also be available on Kindle.

I've kindly been invited to appear on Back of the Net in a couple of weeks time, when I can answer a few questions put to me about the book. I'll say more when I know which episode the interview will go out on.

Please tell as many AFCB fans as you can about the book - help me get the word out there. The more copies are sold, the more we can spread the story of AFCB and help the Julia's House Children's Hospice

For any readers who do buy an early copy, it would be great if you can post a review on Kindle/Amazon after reading it. If you can't locate the ebook, just type Eddie Had a dream into the search field on Amazon or Kindle.

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