Friday, 4 October 2019

Should Callum be flattered by Man Utd interest?

Bournemouth know they have a very hot property in Callum Wilson. The team is designed to give him the best chance of scoring goals and that ability to do exactly that has already brought him several England senior caps. While Chelsea have been potential trackers of  AFCB frontman, the ante might have just got a lot hotter with Man United sending admiring eye's towards AFCB's number 13, according to SkySports.
Is Callum Wilson too good for AFCB to keep hold of?
Should Man United come in with a big offer in January, Callum Wilson would have a big decision to make. Should he follow in the footsteps of Ted MacDougall and smash his salary and AFCB's transfer record? Usually, the answer would be a straight yes, but he'll have to consider if he wants to be a part of what is a Man United rebuilding job. Yes, Man United are a massive club, perhaps the biggest in the world, but in January they could be looking at struggling to make the top 10 and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer could be ousted of hoping that a signing like Wilson is his best hope of staying in the job. Joining Man United is not like joining any other club and Callum would have to reconcile himself with the pressure of such a big move.

Being a big fish in a little pool is perhaps what he has become at AFCB. The transfer fee would go along way to smashing AFCB's profits for the season and they could be near to safety come the end of January. But losing Callum would be a huge blow for the club and Eddie Howe's aspirations of building the team around Wilson. While AFCB might be able to say no to a low bid, they may have to reconsider if there is a sudden bidding war for Callum's services.
AFCB's main job before January should be to scour world leagues for another Callum Wilson just in case. The striker department is the hardest to get right, but AFCB may have to concede at some point that Callum Wilson has grown too big for the club. Should Callum be flattered, yes he should, but it doesn't mean that Man United is the best club to move to in its current state of uncertainty.

In other news, having won Council approval, it's all go for AFCB's Canford Manga Training complex!

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