Monday, 17 February 2014

AFCB fans have to be patient for more success

It is a common fault of the supporter to expect their team to win every game and to feel disappointed when they don't. But the two recent draws against Burnley and Bolton have seen some great play from AFCB. By climbing to the Championship level AFCB have already achieved a lot in the last year and playing teams like Bolton Wanderers is a bit of a step up to going to some of the League One grounds the team visited last year. We have to be more patient. Sometimes it is best to also ignore the league positions in the championship because on the day they mean very little to the performance you will see.
Home supporters need to keep getting right behind the
team as the season enter the finals stages.
Now is the time when there are likely to be more surprise victories for the lower placed teams who will be fighting tooth and nail to get three points. Those going for the play-offs will be under pressure of a different kind to perform. Then there will be teams in the middle who are looking to improve their situation.

A little patience will do AFCB fans no harm. Coming back from two goals behind at an away ground in the Championship is something that wasn't so likely for AFCB last August. Being able to score a couple of goals and possible more at an away ground is another plus. Great possession stats and mental strength were also shown against Bolton and Burnley.

Consistency is hard to find in the Championship and yet AFCB's performances have been at a good level for some time. It does not always show itself in the points gained. Look around the table and you'll see teams like Blackpool and Watford striving to find some consistency and AFCB are in pursuit of these teams that were comfortably leading the way only a few months ago. All the time AFCB have been improving and if there is more to come the future should be very bright for this south coast club.

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