Thursday, 6 February 2014

How much of a miss is Daniels?

While Ian Harte has done exceptionally well at left back in the two games since coming on for Charlie Daniels, AFCB do miss the drive and power of Charlie and his link up play with Marc Pugh. When Daniels is flying down the left there is no better sight for a Cherries fan. 

Charlie Daniels has one of the best engines of the AFCB players.
In recent games Charlie has been tremendous in getting forward to support Pugh in particular and when he is not on the pitch the team does not look as penetrative or dynamic. I think this is the case no matter whoever tries to play at left back instead of Daniels and is not a poor reflection on Ian Harte, who I already have said has been brilliant against Huddersfield and Leicester City.

It is funny that the left back position always causes AFCB lots of problems. Repairing Charlie Daniels is an ongoing project it would seem, but it is worth getting him just right. While Tommy Elphick and Elliott Ward are seen as the leaders of the team, I feel that nobody leads better than Charlie Daniels with his actual play. He simply races around the pitch and if he gets beaten he gets back up and endeavours to do better next time. While Charlie is set to be out for a few weeks, we wish him a speedy recovery. News is today that he has flown out to the Italian clinic for treatment.
Charlie Daniels runs up the left wing offer plenty of creativity for AFCB.
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